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L. Valerie - Arranged Marriage

Sounds of an electric punji, these melodies and tones dance in foreground. Consciousnesses are transfixed like basket living reptiles with no appendages to press stop. The serenade plays through. L. Valerie with a slightly of kilter moog blitz, some lost track to Kubrick's Clock Work Orange OST. Island hopping to Green I. on a square neck 1930's Regal. Pretty sweet trip. Finishing up with a lunar eclipse, the night oddly gets brighter as L. Valerie shows all of her vocal and musical skills. A short offbeat gem that sounds sehr gut on the big stereo.

Arranged Marriage is released on Bleeding Gold Records as a digital release. The cd-r in the pictures below is just a artist made copy to get by all of the Lost in a Sea of Sound submission filters, rules and mandates. If you would like a physical copy, then set your ears L. Valerie's release titled Frika. Bleeding Gold Records and L. Valerie combined to produce fifty five hand made editions of those.

Arranged Marriage by L. Val…


Mental machinery working in absence of observation. Processes in such grandiose magnitude, most are spared even the consideration of comprehension. Static drone, razor edged beats dulling in the wash of electric pulses, pure energy in a transfusion from consciousness to material from. The sound of Uton in this moment, a force of sonic beauty resting outside tangible markers. A symphony for now, music study for the future.

Uton started in Tampere, Finland as a project in 2001. A massive discography across a world of labels, takes rest in Athen's Georgia with the workhorse label \\NULL|ZØNE//. This cassette, titled PA​-​LUU VAL​-​OON, is a lengthy aural glimpse into nearly twenty years of music. Eight tracks over roughly forty minutes with a undulating sonic gradient. Like a cosmic drill piercing temporal space fabric, layer after layer slowly being worked through. Each track mirroring densities of subsequent dimensions. An unparalleled stamina of tonal patience, always keeping the …

BBJr - Under Cover Summer

The place where Bob Bucko Junior lets listeners know what music he likes to listen to. Obviously songs that have inspired and influenced directions down musical pathways. Fifteen cover songs on a double cassette. Songs across genres and decades, reworked with BBJr's attention to the true feelings they elicit. Most interesting to think what makes an artist have the realization they would want to cover a song. Did the melodies raise hair on the arms, or was it a long listening relationship culminating in a cover connection?

Just like how BBJr brought new takes on a favorite bunch of songs, listeners will cycle through memories and experiences, possibly appreciating these versions with fresh nostalgic love. With this massive assortment, there is sure to be songs never heard before, making the cover the first conscious implant. BBJr's choice of selections from artist's albums that are on the edge of obscurity are intangible. Like Howe Gelb's Love Knows No Borders from the …

Kamyar Arsani & Benjamin Schurr - Voices In The Dark

BLIGHT. Records has taken regulation of the worldly airwaves. The intensity control turned clockwise, crispness and clarity already at BLIGHT peak standards. For this edition, Kamyar Arsani & Benjamin Schurr take foundations of folk to modern extremes. Straight forward percussion and vocals from a spiritual core, both emanating from the lightest haze of electronic mist. This is an emotional outpouring, simple and pure strength in talent and creativity.

Voices In The Dark contains for tracks across approximately twenty minutes. Kamyar Arsani both sings and plays the daf, a large wooden framed drum with some type of skin membrane, metal ringlets are sometimes attached to the inside of the frame. The drum can played handheld or positioned between the legs and played in a seated position. This instrument dates back roughly one thousand eight hundred years to the Sasanian Empire, also referred to as the Neo-Persian Empire. When listening to Voices In The Dark, the energy and passion ar…

Kenji Kihara - Scenes of Scapes

The wind chime hanging from the rafter of the porch, silent for so long then rustling as the atmosphere tries to equalize. Stillness upset by currents moving through. Delicate clatter waiting for energy, the life giving force. Nature making a wish, asking for attention, seeking thoughts from those who dwell within it. Many are oblivious, air conditioned or heated climates closing off elemental forces. Windows becoming giant screens to see a living physical world. Kenji Kihara has ventured past the walls, protective glass left behind. He channels the ebb and flow of natural spirit, making the timeless chime sing it's song. Reaching deep, past protective fibers, this music is both heart and breath of a world slowly being left behind.

Scenes of Scapes is a summer cassette release on the Inner Islands label. This is a mammoth composition with seven tracks spaced over forty five minutes. Kenji Kihara tackles the ambient beauty set forth decades ago. Scenes of Scapes is easily a continu…

Michael Potter - Tour Tape

A reincarnation of African sounds. The path following struggle and hardships, crossing oceans only to be worked for generations. Creativity always present, developing with emotions congruent with the times. The sorrow and freedom of expression combining to be called the blues. But the roots go way back, to a continent where Michael Potter must have experienced past lives. His sound has the rhythm, tones passed from old to young, beauty built around a lasting connectivity.

There is so much to hear on this Tour Tape. The sounds are on the most perfect edge of acoustic and electric. A balance sustained for roughly twenty five minutes over three tracks. Sonic sweetness dusted with powdery effects Michael Potter has dialed in. Origins are difficult to pinpoint, with tones reaching across continents and spanning lengths of time. As mentioned above, Africa would be a good place to start, then following the path through early American blues. Making a comparison to the early electric works of …

M. Crook + Oxherding - Soft Moon

The vast magnitude compromising a swell of sounds, an immensity difficult to fully comprehend. Consciousnesses like tiny ships on the ocean, rising up from the trough. Fortunately these sounds push past the crests, physical amplitudes left as spiritual journeys begin. Thoughts become baggage, like arms full of supplies. They are dropped and decidedly deemed unneeded. Space opens up, as corporeal existence is relegated. How can sounds be the key? Matthew Crook and Fitz Hartwig help answer this question.

Soft Moon has two parts, perfectly balanced. Two gorgeous ambient drone pieces, touching the jet stream of higher vibrating energy. Both tracks are built and then rebuilt. Matthew and Oxherding (Fitz) working together. So not a split tape, a collaboration instead. Their sounds press on the tranquilizing points of bodily vertebrae. Like someone digging their thumbs into points between the shoulder blades and lower neck. Pressing and holding, tension releasing as the mind kicks it's s…

Nick Stevens - The New Age

Nick Stevens.... you have been eluding description. Listening for weeks now and there you stand. Like a deer, ahead on the trail, both seen and seeing back. Getting close and through the woods you go. The New Age feels like it is from ages ago. A subdued and surreal journey meant for the super chill, the after party with location only known to the few. Thank you for the invitation, although still mildly out of place, the repeated listens have opened thoughts to a sonic landscape evading whereabouts.

The New Age takes time to infuse smooth rhythms and clever vocals. A composure definitely attributed to the skilled writing and experienced musicians behind these tunes. The most pertinent question after the first play through, how did you get here? The path back, filled with influences and comparisons, seems so apparent, but vanishes when any thought is applied. Hints of new wave music resonate with some accord, briefly heard like seeing smoke from fireworks in the night. Like the Cat fro…

Wood Chickens - Must Die

A cassette single or a really compact blast of sound. Wood Chickens from Madison, Wisconsin dial up four micro tracks of half pipe rhythms. These songs combine sonic playfulness with the power of a jet engine at take off. Other than the opening DSL connection to the internet, it would be hard to discern Must Die's temporal origins. Easily interpreted as punk music from the late seventies. Both vocal and instrument power like Fear, and waggish transitions similar to JFA. "We Skate in Boots", is an excellent example of Wood Chicken's respect for the music they love. Be sure to take a look at all of the upcoming shows for Wood Chickens, seeing and hearing them live would be a very worthy experience.

Just released on Crush Grove Records at the end of July. Copies are available from the label's bandcamp page, not sure how many there are though. Looking at the band's discography, they have had vinyl, cassettes and compact disc over the course of almost four years. …

Evan Miller - Two Places

In the distance, sounds originate and travel across feet or sometimes miles. Clear and bright or muffled from integrity loss, all arriving at conscious focal points together. Without plans or reasons, the landscape combines everything, throwing together a symphony with each artist playing on their own accord. These combinations are unique and specific to the environment they commence from. Evan Miller has captured Two Places he holds with bright spirit. A droning hue of a world, an aural breath from surface commotion, nature and man's life together.

Two Places is two side long tracks, field recordings that wobble with surface velocity. Evan has perfected a duality in representing each venue. The nuances of recognizable sounds flicker with firefly frequency. Insects, storms and wind, ancient rhythms compared to the current clatter of human presence. Evan's creative energy molding and shaping what is natural, like moist clay being fired and a rich dark glaze being applied. What …

Bitter Fictions - Disagreements

A sonic time lapse of hectic streets redlining above maximum efficiency. Pavement beings to heat then boil, buckling beneath the cacophonous din. This urban world is swallowed leaving fractured pavement, open holes and an eeriness for the future explorers. Blades of weeds permeate withering asphalt and life begins again. The new gentleness arrives in angular notes, the majesty of before somehow causing an echoing reverberation in the lengths of broken avenues. Are there human beings left? Most likely not, just bones being kicked and rumbled by replacement life. Future unfamiliar, what will be is not currently understood. This is the sound of Disagreements, this is the beat yet to come.

Bitter Fictions is the project of Devin Friesen, prolific sound maker and label head for Shaking Box Music. On this newest cassette titled Disagreements, D.F. wavers between both industrial collapse and a quiet world ready to take its place. Seven tracks divided in just under forty minutes of length. St…

Ashan - Far Drift Afield

A gentle cascade of sounds, tributaries to a sonic world that rest below the perceivable gradient. Patient tones meandering through ancient erosion, individualized purpose gathering the most subtle momentum with adjacent notes. A melody is formed by compacting sound waves, obstacles only strengthen the flow. The aural field opens up, allowing thought to take part in the peaceful pool. Here the notes elongate and begin to lift, their sheer forms gaining flight from mixing mediums. Consciousness has been given a great gift, a companion that only bestows beauty.

Far Drift Afield contains five harmonious tracks divided in over forty minutes of length. Each side of the cassette seems to achieve buoyancy then settle and rest. Ashan creates these musical flows in a form of Gaussian distribution, a bell curve pattern with the ends being the cyclic bridge between corporeal and spiritual. The last tracks on both sides, "Gladly Given and Long Along Sky", are more heavy weighted drone o…