Nick Stevens - The New Age

Nick Stevens.... you have been eluding description. Listening for weeks now and there you stand. Like a deer, ahead on the trail, both seen and seeing back. Getting close and through the woods you go. The New Age feels like it is from ages ago. A subdued and surreal journey meant for the super chill, the after party with location only known to the few. Thank you for the invitation, although still mildly out of place, the repeated listens have opened thoughts to a sonic landscape evading whereabouts.

The New Age takes time to infuse smooth rhythms and clever vocals. A composure definitely attributed to the skilled writing and experienced musicians behind these tunes. The most pertinent question after the first play through, how did you get here? The path back, filled with influences and comparisons, seems so apparent, but vanishes when any thought is applied. Hints of new wave music resonate with some accord, briefly heard like seeing smoke from fireworks in the night. Like the Cat from Red Dwarf, evolving from feline to human over millions of years, Nick Stevens has been cloistered in a Holiday Inn lounge, writing and playing for unimaginable lengths of time. This cassette contains eight long tracks that are anything but protracted. These patient melodies sprout, bud and blossom in the thoughts of all who listen. Amalgamations of sounds, perfectly proportioned, creating superlative sonic smoothness. Handing this cassette over to the music scholars, the only way to escape the Nick Stevens temporal loop.

Released on the label GALTTA, from Brooklyn, New York. Cassette editions in a run of one hundred and twenty five. Copies are currently available from the label's bandcamp page. The New Age is an excellent composition and only asks for predispositions to be left on the mat before entry.

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