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Damien + Namo - Meridian

Namo returns to cassette with a release titled Meridian. This time the sides are split. Damien creating beats and rhythms for the first side titled Agglomeration and Namo handling the second side with a side long track tiled Dusted Earth. There is a binding similarity to these artists, but their works contrast making Meridian a well balanced split release. Even though each artists has one track on either side at almost fifteen minutes in length, both compositions play with multiple changes of rhythmic patterns. This creates a sensation of listening to varying songs in a seamless movement. Damien pushes towards a world of dream like jazz, where hip hop has lucidity and melodies drift through the relaxed consciousness. This sonic landscape is soothing and perfectly restrained. Damien understands the constraints of making sounds to foster certain states of downbeat behavior. Changes in arrangements are timed with modern attention spans, sounds from places most everyone ha

HAWN - For A Ride

Michael Jeffrey Lee and John Craun are taking everyone For A Ride with a world of Strange Visions. Together on a road rally to bring skewed sounds, fresh thoughts and stories. The side door of the car reads HAWN, but it's uncertain if this stands for more or is an acronym for something else. What is for certain, the absolutely natural musical talents of these artists. Like working with a jigsaw puzzle left out in the rain, pieces saturated with water and separating at the edges. There is no way this will ever fit together, look away and then turn back to hear the last cut snap in with harmonic clarity. The first listen is like the wet puzzle, and with each repeat, the seams bleed into obscurity. With eleven tracks, multiple characters and narrative tangents, where does a description take root? "I was taking my time, I was sipping my wine, then it all began". A leisurely start to the second track as giant electronic insects buzz the lounging area. Titled Strange Visions

La Tredicesima Luna - Oltre L'ultima Onda Del Mare

A sojourn through conscious fringe. Where feelings swell and recede as tidal like energy changes vast expanses of mental landscape. Lonely sounds causing thoughts to turn and reach far inward. Comfort rests in the knowledge we are all the same, live and die in fractal patterns repeated across time. The exploration into the cognizant reaches of individual experiences, distinguishes the spirit from those in temporal alliance. Meaning, creative outwardly expressed is the true characteristic not in common across the human populace.  Matteo Brusa as La Tredicesima Luna, forms experiences into sound, the richness of a soul sharing love. Two side long tracks of ambient panorama, a rapture of emotions crossing physical space. Deep undertones swell above the breadth of sounds, cosmic collisions reverberating through time and amplitude. When all sonic pieces align, worlds are formed. Majestic heights are sustained through a zenith of zealous aural focus. Oltre l'ultima onda del mare then w

Hypnagogue - Adrift

Forces gently pushing as the consciousness opens. Simultaneously, factors are pulling in varied directions. There is no gravitational reference point, up or down do not exist. Only expanding thoughts or contracting perception. If any components of the process are to strong or overwhelming, the space the self holds is eroded away. Finding sounds to help maintain this equilibrium is always an excellent discovery. This brings Hypnagogue's Adrift into focus. A mesmerizing composition stabilizing the mind in the vast expanse. Adrift is three tracks just over twenty minutes in length. James Rosato is the artist behind the Hypnagogue project. Amazingly James is also a member of the band Eaten from Massachusetts. You think two projects, big deal, but these two en devours are as extremely contrasting as possible. Hypnagogue, meditative, serene, sounds that are a platform for broadening the mind. Eaten, metal, grindcore, a place where the world has exploded and there are head down serious

Morning River Band - Brambles

There is a collision of sounds on Brambles that is confounding. With a push towards the roots of blues, country and rockabilly twang, Jeffrey Fields writes and sings like many of these songs are rock/metal ballads. Nine tracks conveying the hardships of social constructs of love, friendship and disrupting liquid octane. To give Brambles a single specific genre is an impossible task. For example, just went from "Space Boy Rag" to "Ezekiel's Wheel/Gloucester Skyline" and thoughts are spinning. One simple assignment is to explore the musicians in Morning River Band. Jeffrey Fields on guitar and lead vocals, Arthur Herrmann on lead guitar, Denny Barron on bass, and Joe Idell on drums. Everyone helps with the vocals throughout the composition. Looking back on previous releases, the band has changed a few times, with more musicians playing additional instruments. The core on Brambles seems to be the constant since their beginnings over six years ago. The tracks on