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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Hypnagogue - Adrift

Forces gently pushing as the consciousness opens. Simultaneously, factors are pulling in varied directions. There is no gravitational reference point, up or down do not exist. Only expanding thoughts or contracting perception. If any components of the process are to strong or overwhelming, the space the self holds is eroded away. Finding sounds to help maintain this equilibrium is always an excellent discovery. This brings Hypnagogue's Adrift into focus. A mesmerizing composition stabilizing the mind in the vast expanse.

Adrift is three tracks just over twenty minutes in length. James Rosato is the artist behind the Hypnagogue project. Amazingly James is also a member of the band Eaten from Massachusetts. You think two projects, big deal, but these two en devours are as extremely contrasting as possible. Hypnagogue, meditative, serene, sounds that are a platform for broadening the mind. Eaten, metal, grindcore, a place where the world has exploded and there are head down serious heavy revelators making music. With talent and experience, Hypnagogue has a reason to exist. Ambient tones hovering neither in light or dark, sounds to balance exploration to the fringe. A secure tether for the mind on it's still undiscovered journey.

Adrift was released on cassette at the end of last year. This one is not on a label, all put together by James Rosato. Copies are currently available from his bandcamp page. Here is the link to the Eaten bandcamp page as well.

Hypnagogue - bandcamp - facebook

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Morning River Band - Brambles

There is a collision of sounds on Brambles that is confounding. With a push towards the roots of blues, country and rockabilly twang, Jeffrey Fields writes and sings like many of these songs are rock/metal ballads. Nine tracks conveying the hardships of social constructs of love, friendship and disrupting liquid octane. To give Brambles a single specific genre is an impossible task. For example, just went from "Space Boy Rag" to "Ezekiel's Wheel/Gloucester Skyline" and thoughts are spinning.

One simple assignment is to explore the musicians in Morning River Band. Jeffrey Fields on guitar and lead vocals, Arthur Herrmann on lead guitar, Denny Barron on bass, and Joe Idell on drums. Everyone helps with the vocals throughout the composition. Looking back on previous releases, the band has changed a few times, with more musicians playing additional instruments. The core on Brambles seems to be the constant since their beginnings over six years ago.

The tracks on Brambles constantly surfaced music heard from the past. A simultaneously polished and raw sound of early punk and country, beyond simple singer songwriter with a well skilled band playing tightly together. Trying to make this connection was just beyond reach. The tape kept repeating and after many listens, their sound began to resonate with sounds heard before. Like listening to a long burning fuse, the consciousness detonated. Sifting through the fragments of this mini explosion there were two albums connecting Brambles to the past, Green on Red "Gas Food Lodging" and Rank And File "Sundown". Both hiding under nineteen ninety two.

Some well written lyrics from Jeffrey on Brambles:
"Every evening in a drunken stupor, hung over every day. Keep pretending that i'm clean and sober, begging you to stay"

"Daylight stole the moon away from me"

"Couldn't keep living on gin and regrets, eased my foot off the brake and let the car do the rest"

Released on a new label from Spring, Texas titled Under the Counter Tapes. There are three tapes in their catalog already! Under the Counter Tapes also has cool label pins and individual pins for each release. Brambles is in an edition of one hundred with cassettes currently available.

Under the Counter Tapes - bandcamp - facebook
Morning River Band - bandcamp - facebook