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trikorder23 - much time no horse

Niko Lazarakopoulos is back with the Trikorder23 project. Over three years ago BLUMSTER made it's way through Lost in a Sea of Sound. This was a very limited vinyl release on Cosmic Winnetou, the newest release titled Much Time No Horse on Cosmic Winnetou is as well. There were a few guests musicians for one track on BLUMSTER, but this time Niko has added Trikorder 23 Clubmembers all the way through. This group includes Christoph Szeteli , Joachim Henn, Klemens Rack (on the first record), Michael Herm, Roland Wendling. Not sure if everyone is from Stuttgart, but the composition was recorded there. Rhythms working their way through the sonic thicket. Guitar notes gently pushing the raw cadence, percussion is the revolving engine. These sounds begin with a bump and a clash, like the mechanism had a few rusty sticky spots when it began to move. Slowly the motion becomes powerfully fluid. Musicians working seamlessly together, creating a meditative meeting of like minded artists. Th

Frood Of The Loop - s/t

The long curve of tire tracks across a wet field, droplets of water bent in a pattern across the grain. Unnoticeable without the change in atmosphere, but clearly observable as the sun's rays slice through the fast moving clouds. Frood Of The Loop embraces these properties. A sonic disruption deep in the conscious. As the mind is rinsed of prevailing thoughts, the once invisible melodies can be heard. They are raw, wholesome offerings of perturbed beauty. The tire tracks surface again, this time in short distance behind the cart making them. The gruff operator says, "No, take away those thoughts you think". His directive making note of the lack of connection between earnest emotion and sonic beauty. Music must be planned and calculated, troubled and tranquil can not coexist. What you hear is only in your imagination. Instructions follow to stop listening in such a cognitive manner and move on.... But Frood Of The Loop clearly displays this duality.     Guitar strummed i

Günter Schlienz - The Icelandic Tapes

The hum of motors, low, deep, determined to ferry those who control them. A radar sounding with a single note as the line crosses the blip. The location pinpointed for future connection, a removed  place of new solitude, mystic beauty. Waves breaking gently where the land holds back the sea. Here peacefulness is facilitated by natural tranquility. The fanfare of past lives, past ceremonies, past civilizations, echoing in the consciousness for a brief moment, then new notes emerge. Creativity growing like wild vines, using unique methods in the battle against gravity. This special place holding a value of sentiment mixed with evolved and eroded beauty. Notes becoming passages, all finding ground as The Icelandic Tapes. Moving water as a medium. The body resonating within the encompassing world. Molecules vibrate at infinite frequencies, stationary to a hasty blur, the resulting notes rise and fall. Somehow this process sounds old. Like a vintage movie image of a flying saucer, lifti

Derek Piotr - Live in Denton

The sonic particle beam radiated from Denton, Texas on August 11th of this year. The generating source was Derek Piotr, using a mind bending array of voice and electronics. Fortunately the sounds were recorded and Cavern Brew Records secured them for cassette release and digital distribution. From listening to this cassette many times through, there is still uncertainty of what took place this fall in Denton. Simply stated, these sounds are so otherworldly, like Derek Piotr did not preform at all, just opened a dimensional portal to the unknown. Live in Denton on cassette is split with about half the performance on the first side and the remainder to follow on the second. This new release of Derek Piotr's live work could be a continuation of a two live shows released last year by Cavern Brew Records, both from New Haven, Connecticut. Derek has a long list of work dating back to the start of the current decade. With extensive touring, these live releases become an experience apa

Sum Say - Another View

Thoughts melting as sounds wear smooth shaped eroded grooves. Rhythms cascading down worn conscious pathways like small pebbles tickling a hollow rock face cliff. The depth of the descent is a mysterious factor. These melodies travel in spiraling directions, pulsing with the the emptiness of late nights, pulling from Africa and beyond, the fluidity is a mesmerizing aural substance. Sum Say is a patient beast, hearing a menagerie of rhythmic fragments slowly align into one grandiose composition. Each listen strengthening the connection, turning Another View into an Already Dead sparkling gem. Another View contains a high amount of diversity through the nine tracks. From the the opening intro of a slowly turning radio dial, the chilled out beats, ambience, drone, these sounds touch all genres. Nothing is forced, all nestling together with a polished meticulousness, this is fine aural artwork. On Already Dead's bandcamp page there are some recommended if you like mentions. Going to