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Massimo Ricci - Tracey Feels Worse

First Listen: Emptiness exists when all things are removed. Sounds by Massimo Ricci surf the borders of this vacuum. There is difficulty in knowing if Tracey Feels Worse is a shuttering sonic breath at the final stages of all energy being drained? Are these sounds relevant to the chemical combination at the beginning, or is this the essence of existence melted down and channeled to our ears? Massimo Ricci could have these answers or be laughing at the misdirection of the above thoughts since this could be just a modified recording of his oscillating house fan.      Before the Second Listen: After a long walk in the rain with the dog, impressions of Tracey Feels Worse continued to echo in thoughts. Thinking about this composition for most of the hike, there was no revelation to come back and pen connecting these words to Massimo Ricci's body of sonic work. For some reason i did think about holding my Dad's hand when he passed away five years ago and this made me appreciative. Th

Caktus - Under Solen

Saxophones are talking in a place far from this world. They squeal in pitches above comfortable levels, then vibrate with low releasing resonance. At times they speak in violent unison, a different language for each, then follow amazingly with echos between themselves in exactly the same moments. There are instances holding the softest murmurs, like they are trying to lull each other to sleep. Horns fading into dusk then darkness. The fingers behind them dance across strings, stretching and pulling a thick canvas. A texture filled with grooves, sometimes running in parallel lines, then attacking in perpendicular chaos. Deep frequencies holding sounds perched on wires, they fall only to grab the newly formed sonic strength below. The process continues outside of patterns and form, but everything together is metered by percussion. A tap then rapid rapport, connecting energy, then slipping away to let sounds grow. Drums conduct the sounds, bringing melodies close to comfortable thresholds

Sky Furrows - s/t

Poetry across crystalline music. The rhythm of guitar, bass and drums driving emotions into the depths of mind and body. Words describing dreams and a surreal splintered reality. Together, vocal reciting and tightly played music are both soothing and penetrating. Everything like lying on the acupuncture table, the intensity of pins piercing the skin is offset by the pinpoint pressure relaxing the nerves. Sky Furrows balances many attributes with beautiful agility. Beatnik origins escorted with exponential gracefulness into modern times. Poetry beyond its hours. Sonic process weighting absorbing thoughts.   Four artists, Karen Schoemer using voice, Mike Griffin playing guitar, Eric Hardiman picking the bass and Phil Donnelly behind the drums. For all the music that is new and fresh, creativity is fueled by love and inspiration from the past. These five selections are clear and beautiful. Production and style allowing each artist to equal each other in pure discernible impact. A progress

Diana Duta & Julia E. Dyck - Wave Debris

Seventy five years ago, Royal New Zealand Air Force Flight Officer, Hepburn, noticed increased radiation at sunrise and sunset. Hepburn was stationed on Norfolk Island and was in charge of radar station on Mount Bates. The station was designed to warn aircraft in between Australia and New Zealand. This discovery was in a scientific field outside of his expertise. He reported the discovery to the Air Force headquarters, and the information was quickly acted upon by Dr Elizabeth Alexander of the Radio Development Laboratory of the Dept. of Scientific and Industrial Research in Wellington. Dr. Elizabeth began her investigation and confirmed these readings were similar from other radar stations across New Zealand. She named the discovery the Norfolk Island Effect.           This is a very factual opening for music created by Diana Duta & Julia E. Dyck, but providing the context is as important as the beautiful music they have written. A composition created by two artist taking thoughts