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Nils Quak - Scenes From Memory Screen

Pure forge for melting thoughts. Expanding time, pondering the surrounding activity as the consciousness moves like a humming bird in flight. There is a gooey medium within Scenes From Memory Screen. Elements holding qualities to engulf the process of contemplation, energy to remove the tedium of every day. The talk and commotion continues to escalate in the fringes as we are drawn more closely and securely to the aural world of Nils Quak.  With twenty years or more of compositions by Nils Quak, the sonic creative process pins the red in every aspect. Scenes From Memory Screen holds nine selections, each under heavy atmospheric pressure of geologic splendor. There is a weight in these sounds, an anchor that holds thoughts securely to the source of tranquility. But this is not ambient droning serenity. Scenes From Memory Screen is more like the epicenter of the small ripples that eventual reach the shore line. They are connected, properties from either end of the same event. Fortunately

Orasique - Ixtlahuaca

eh? and Orasique are two electrons orbiting a nucleus of pure sonic energy. They have worked together, Orasique providing the sounds and eh? securing the platform for the sounds to be heard in a wider spectrum. In this edition of aural spirit, Orasique has collected seven tracks making the foundation of Ixtlahuaca. This album is uncovered seething radioactive noise. Structures have been discarded or melted away over time. What remains are four musicians connecting their vast experience, all gathered in an ammunition depot with a gunpowder trail fuse slowly burning to the center. The beauty of Ixtlahuaca is there is no explosion. With all the combustible energy in hand, this group of four artists skillfully skirts complete mayhem and delivers the thresholds of magnificent sounds.    One of the most intriguing aspects of Ixtlahuaca is the use of voice. Marco Albert is credited with voz in the liner notes, an Italian musician with a flare for language and it's diversity. Fernando Barr

Centrul Isteric - PASS​/​PORT

A sea wall reversing energy from the ocean causes collisions of magnificent sonic waves. They swell in might as the wake of a ship adds to the chaos. Energy becomes uniquely spectacular for the moment as sounds build from perfectly formed smaller waves. The augmentation, like a soloist in an orchestra being joined by all the other musicians, yet this procession contains a more shocking beauty for those who listen. Time has interwoven, taking the centuries old colorful progression of characters from the Día de los Muertos parade in Mexico City interwoven with the jumbled noise from modern day media. Warm nostalgia flipped over, listening is from a new direction.    Centrul Isteric is the project of Gili Mocanu. An audio / visual artist who has stepped aside for a moment from his long running electronics project, Somnoroase Păsărele. PASS​/​PORT is a composition of two side long tracks. The first titled "Death / Pass", an aural climb of precise clear sounds. The apex shares diz

cursot - Haulin' Minds

Skateboarding on a sidewalk, the rhythms of the seams in cadence with how fast you pump. The noise from the street overlaying the canvas of wheels against concrete and the continual click of rolling over each cut. This is an old part of town and nothing is too smooth. The droning rhythms experience broken sections from tree roots and misuse, a solid path filled with patches of chaos infused by time. A row of storefronts with open doors, enticing music and smells beckon. An area under construction and detour through the street, machinery so loud the current soundtrack is deafened. The board and skater push on into a place not familiar anymore. The path becomes electric, travel is within the mind. Beats and rhythms transfused from the physical to the ethereal. Haulin' Minds has shared the trajectory to higher vibrations.   Cursot is the project name for Garrett Anderson. His genius for music adrift in the chaos of an asteroid belt. Collisions and calamity giving way to sonic fragment

Baujillaud - A Vision of a Dragon’s Head

The year 2021 has ticked over, so much good music has filled the mind. A Vision of a Dragon’s Head is an album i have been sitting on. I would like to say, "saving the best for last" or "patiently waiting to see if anyone else picked up on how good this is", but that would be too perfect. The reality is just being busy and slightly intimidated by a composition that included Emil Palme as part of the project. I know any project he works on will be beautifully complicated and push the thresholds of familiarity. Baujillaud is Mads Egetoft, Emil Palme and Anders Vestrergaard. After listening, i now know Baujillaud is a triple threat of skilled and creative artists. Emil's guitar, a triangular component of Mad's vocals, keyboard, saxophone, and Ander's drums. Together these three artist blend music from the past with crisp sounds of where music will go. There is so much on A Vision of a Dragon’s Head, wonderfully sparking thoughts of bands from ages ago while

Underworld Orchard - s/t

Submerged in a world of shadowy moons giving way to thick foggy mornings. Melodies play in secluded clearings, we follow the winding single track path to find them. Sounds pull us through the dense woods as directions are instinctive webs drawing all who hear to the center. And in this open space, where trees tower on all sides creating a deep sunlight cylinder in the forest, there is sublime serenity. Underworld Orchard holds our thoughts and unfolds new beauties. The place of the spirit with a deep desire to hear.    This composition is the the first for the project Underworld Orchard. A group of three highly creative and talented artists focused on sounds with compelling spender. E. Liz Downing, Hanna Olivegren, and Steve Strohmeier harness an energy that flows through time. From a caravan of covered wagons hidden by old growth eastern European forests, to the vast stretch of empty coastline of early Americas, seven tracks swirl in a gentle maelstrom of harmonic magic. The duet of s