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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Warm Forms - Polymer Slug

Warm Forms has my mind stationed in park right now. The sound rest in a world of slow rhythm and electronic radiance. The structure of this composition by Adam Tramposh (Warm Forms) is inviting and complex. This release titled Polymer Slug has a pleasant vibe connecting each track, making an uplifting and beautiful cassette to listen to.

There is some chaos being emitted from Warm Forms. Not noise, but more of a maxing out of the sonic spectrum. The sound is straight in front of you while vibrating on every cell of skin simultaneously. Grandiose pipe organ rooted in historic buildings looses it's mass and slowly floats above earthly realms. This is how it all starts. There is no desire to disembark because this will be a wondrous ride. Never menacing, only reaching highs then lows. Making Polymer Slug varied and intriguing. At times the music reminds of a deep grooved seventies record fluctuating with futuristic dub. Steam rolled music flattening the glitch. You can almost hear it, but this sound ride is smooth.

Out on the label Overland Shark. They have taken leave from producing cassettes, but have been kind enough to put everything up on bandcamp as free downloads. This was released in the early spring of 2010. Long sold out from the label and distributors. Found some on discogs if you want a tape. I do not know why, but my mind keeps making me think this is Worm Farms. Maybe this is secret music for vermiculture? The picture on the right of the inside cover is suspect. Oh, and then there is the title Polymer Slug. I guess that is the bigger give away.

Overland Shark on bandcamp
Warm Forms cassette on discogs

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Altar Image / The Inverted Orange - Split

The beat makes me write, makes me think, makes no sense. Moments of time are accentuated keeping pace with rapid exertion. Body and mind are confused, one still, the other racing.

The split of Alter Image and The Inverted Orange are fresh squeezed sounds to ears droning in the pool of ambient wash. Alter Images side A "Fresh Perspective" is placed and named properly. The song fires at me, pulsating, shaking my monotonous existence. Pull yourself up and awaken. We have touched down. Put on this Alter Image "Sweatshirt" and float with us. You can hear now.

The Inverted Orange's side B grabs your hand and helps turn around from side A. Now that you are coherent, a sonic river sounds from beneath. "Turn Your Sadness Into Jell-O", the first track on the Inverted Orange side, is so completely worthy of embarking. The beat is the wildness, the guitar is a sparkle you follow. Now lost in the interior "Frozen Moments" makes realizations with the first true vocal of the split. What is this you hear ?? "Make Strange Dance" is unleashed mesmerization taking place. The strange sounds dance together, transfixing and beautiful. Finally the thick current of sound and beat drip away from your ears. "Statue Garden" leaves you as you started, immobilized, waiting for "Fresh Perspectives" again.

Thank you Capri Records. I wrote this on paper back in 2013. Tucked it away and found it recently.
This cassette has been sold out for a good while. Checked Discogs and did not see any. So... add it to the want list and enjoy the digital for what ever you want to give.

Capri Records - facebook - bandcamp
Inverted Orange cassette on Prison Art

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Kill West - Smoke Beach

Here is a cassette that balances sound from time and genre, delivering complete immersion into the fog. Kill West has a intonation that will resonate with many listeners, bringing a heavy five member onslaught with guitars, drums, bass keys and vocals. Based in Argentina this band has transcended their space time coordinate, creating a style not transfixed to any era or location.

The most striking component to Kill West's sound is the drenched transmission of music laden in fuzz, feedback and reverb. With the eight tracks filling Smoke Beach, all are covered with a humidity so substantial the weight feels like a slow turned vice on your ears. Each track holds it's own on being different with many sweet moments of sheer and subtle awesomeness. The droned out wash of electric laundering fuses the entire album together. This makes Smoke Beach play out as a tight album, complex enough with variations between tracks, but best listened to in it's entirety.

At times i feel Smoke Beach is the soundtrack to to coolest late night house party you only hear about a day later. A track later i think this is a lost rock masterpiece from the sixties or seventies. This revolves around to a truly modernized and skilled creation of music with such a vast amount of external influence, it can only stand alone at the current time. Smoke Beach sounds a little bit like so many things, that it actually starts to only be it's own thing. If you can understand that?

To listen to this music your going to need to fall in the well. The wall of sound is too big process on the first try. With repeated listens, you can hear over the top and get fixed on how cool this cassette really is. Out on Dismal Niche Tapes, this is Kill West's full length debut. This combination of one the coolest deeply underground labels and a band that channels in from timeless drifting airwaves is one of the best 2015 cassettes so far. Not sure on the production run on this but here is the direct link to get one. This is the only way you are going to be able to hear it!

This is a track from "Smoke Beach"!

Here in another one 

This is not "Smoke Beach" but the EP before

Dismal Niche site - facebook
Kill West site bandcamp - facebook

Monday, June 1, 2015

bob bucko JR - Analog Masters Volume I

Amazing live recordings captured on tape. This one is divided into what looks like four sessions spanning over seventy minutes. bob bucko JR is extremely talented with musical composition. Evidence here with these live recordings, crafting a drone based world for a sustained guitar and vocal adventure. There are all aspects of moods with Analog Masters Volume 1. Strings banged to speaker damaging levels then changing to delicately picked moments of thought provoking notes.

The substance Analog Masters Volume 1 delivers the most of is emotion. This can be heard through out the cassette and is exemplified for me on the third live recording Mothership Music. bob bucko JR uses vocals on this session, culminating with an intensity heard in many of the south's delta blues artist.

Something else i noticed about these recordings were segments of similarity in style to The World Is Big, The Road Is Long. This was a cassette i did a write up on back in February of this year. It sounds like bob bucko JR took his current style on tour. Very different in delivery from recording studio to live. Comparing them makes you want to see bob bucko JR on tour. The World Is Big, The Road Is Long would be like one song in his vast base of musical offerings.

Drone, guitar, intense spirited vocals changing to devotional monastic chanting, then back to quietness. This is an excellent audio biography of a talented individual. Capturing his strengths in these brief moments of time, bob bucko JR knows "This world is not OUR home, WE are just passing through".

Bob Bucko JR bandcamp page - facebook
Analog Masters facebook
Captcha Records is also in Humbolt County, California