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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Cosmic Winnetou - Vinyl Batch

This is an introductory post for the German Label, Cosmic Winnetou, and the awesome new vinyl batch. This is a diverse collection of artists and sounds and each record is solid for many future listens. If you have not ordered a copy of any of these records, they are unfortunately sold out from the label. But fortunately, i think a shipment will be arriving at Tomentosa in the near future. You will need to keep an eye on emails from Josh or just go to his site. Not sure how many he will have in the inventory, but i am sure they will sell out. Most all of the Cosmic Winnetou releases are gone. These being the first from the label on vinyl and more incredibly, super sweet recordings, they will not last long.

I have put some words down for each lp and have the quick links here with sound samples.


When i ordered my copies of the new vinly batch from Cosmic Winnetou, Günter sent me six copies of this 7" for a series of events called "Singles Club". He indicated the organizers are heavy into the 7" format and they are releasing one for each event. This is the third in this series of four and this is Guenter Schlienz's contribution for the ongoing affair. Here is a link Günter sent for the event. 

This is an extremely beautiful recording resting in the world of the most simple sounds. Consisting of two well titled tracks, "Ship" and "Horn". Forays into sublime tones creating picturesque soundscapes for your mind. Listening out onto the ocean, dense with moisture and the winds absent at night. Your ears tell the story, eyes useless as the feelings settle in. Ambient excellence in the vein of Eno's late seventies early eighties series of four records.

I would like to give five of these copies away and keep one for myself! This is generosity and thoughtfulness straight from Cosmic Winnetou and it's curator Günter. Lost In A Sea of Sound is merely the conduit and facilitator. Both label and blog site want to say thank you for the support! 

With shipping being so expensive abroad, this time i am going to keep the 7" give away to readers living in the States. Please email me if you would like a copy. I will add to this post when all five are spoken for..... 4 left (3.18.2016)

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