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Thursday, September 29, 2016

ant'lrd - Sleep Drive

This is the third time i have put words up for ant'lrd. Have enjoyed Colin Blanton's sounds from the first ant'lrd cassette to land in my player, Extra Domicile on Watery Starve. This is sold out, but the 12" on Baro Records is still available from Colin's bandcamp page. Before going there, this is where you need to focus attention on.... An extremely well curated LP on Whited Sepulchre Records titled Sleep Drive. This one will make your listening environment resonate. From the beautiful packaging, glistening clear vinyl and sounds that pull the strings together on a most awesome complete presentation.

If you look closely at your cartridge and stylus while Sleep Drive is spinning, tiny clef notes are being emitting. Like a cartoon, the sound system smiles when this is on the turntable. The sounds Colin creates are a spectacular combination of organic electronics and root drone. Flowing through time, brilliantly rudimentary, seeking core feelings from all listeners. Divided into three tracks, the first side provides embryonic beats echoing across the humidly drenched edge where water and earth meets. "Hood" dawns on the ears with an evolutionary anthem, slowly taking form as the record plays on. Following this "Kasuisai" causes the mind to expand with aboriginal rituals focused on spiritual awakening. Both tracks play as a canticle to the vastness surrounding us. On the flip side, Msdass brings the sleep from the drive. This side long droned out composition burns like a well seasoned fire breathing oxygen at a almost imperceptible rate. The sound glows and is indescribable, like the color of the embers that have taken so long to embody. Here the world recoils into the space within.

Sleep Drive has threads to so many artists and labels. I first thought this is the perfect product of Stag Hare and Tuluum Shimmering. Would be a fine mantle piece for any of the incredible labels out there, making this a pretty stunning sequel for Whited Sepulchre Records vinyl releases. The first was Braeyden Jae's Fog Mirror. Only releasing one hundred ant'lrd lps, makes this a very limited edition. Sleep Drive is available from the label as well as an ant'lrd/braeyden jae split cassette. The tape quantities are getting low, so this is something to explore promptly.

A question for Ryan would be, how can a label named Whited Sepulchre produce such gracefulness in sound and body? I would expect metal so dark your ears would burn while listening.

**Thanks Ryan for answering my question about the label name origin. If anyone is interested HERE is a description of how Whited Sepulchre Records came to be**

Whited Sepulchre Records site - twitter - bandcamp - facebook
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