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Friday, March 10, 2017

SULCUS - Stochastic Deployment vol3: pathological attack or abnormal pastoral cataract

Music technicians have found generator fuel and fired the monstrosity up again. The massive antenna array capturing sound waves from distant temporal frequency modulations. What they have located is unyielding sounds of splendid construct. The grooves etched deep and SULCUS floats through the V shaped valley like a stone cold diamond shaped attack fighter.

Balancing on the cockpit dashboard, the zombie bobblehead nods in rhythm to the speakers output. SULCUS has mutated, delivering almost vintage beats with a tinge of funk. The composition hovers above genres and allows you to experience sound as it should be. Driving forward then releasing in the void of hazy jams and sinuous organ. You never drift to long before the music grabs hold of you again, steering your thoughts in new directions. Around forty five minutes in length, but time has no relevancy. Stochastic Deployment vol3: pathological attack or abnormal pastoral cataract could have been recorded decades ago and only now secured for our listening enjoyment. This composition offers outstanding diversity... The first track using flight status communications and a rock-n-roll barrage is a great beginning. SULCUS has landed on solid ground, making this release their most accessible to a wider swath of listeners.

Download for free! Or contact SULCUS and ask if they have copies of this cassette.  They have over six thousand downloads for the three releases so far.

This is the third description Lost in a Sea of Sound has done for SULCUS.
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