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What can you really hear? A mechanical witch doctor blowing a puff of distortion dust into thoughts. Screeches and cries of a surrounding world subsiding in deteriorated rhythms crumbling inward. The new exposed darkness filled with voices and tranquilizing sonic waves. Have these torn melodies always existed? Lurking behind the veil of bright shinny days and pop radio airwaves? Or is this new? The arrival of the dimensional nexus. Beats within the fragmented blackness, melodies seeping from a lattice of infinite cracks. The gravitational force of Nibiru making itself known.

Final Cop presses a thumb on the bridge between the eyes. The massage like pleasure slowly parting for pressurized pain. "A Structureof Violence" has always been present. Final Cop simply channeling this world of static, disturbed narration & singing, all backed by redlining rhythms. Eight tracks in total, a pummeling of space fragments on the atmosphere's thresholds. The entire composition someh…

Seattle Stomp - Maudlin Madness

The last release from Crush Grove Records was the Michigan based group Towner. Lost in a Sea of Sound had the pleasure of listening and putting some words together here. The newest edition in the Crush Grove Records catalog spotlights one member of Towner, the drummer Alex Molica. His project Seattle Stomp, takes the energetic batten and runs away with it. Eight tracks of incredibly well written, sung and played genre crushing tunes. Maudlin Madness is a sonic sleeper, ready to capture all those giving it a listen.

Alex Molica blazes through these selections, throwing melodies like ninja stars. These are punk songs, rock songs, pop songs, and blues, there is no real group his creativity resides in. The first track "Anxious Thoughts" has the power and energy of Hamell On Trial, this giving way to "January", almost a early Echo and the Bunnymen rhythm. One more comparison is for "Denver Song" and "Power Jam Situation" sending thoughts to an early …

Billy N' Dave - Share My Chaise

The years have generously poured through time, sounds have been lost and found again. With each excavation of these sonic waves, we find a most desired fermentation surrounding them. Share My Chaise is the newest release from the GALTTA label, and like everything before, filled with smooth delivered wisdom. David Lackner and Billy G. Robinson finding accord and adding finely honed patience and experience to a base of sounds most of us easily identify with.

Share My Chaise flows with ease throughout the composition, melodies ironing out wrinkles and elevating sound threads. Some tracks like "Lost Without Your Love" and "Trust" transport listeners back to the 70's, to a place where vibrant funk has been baked away, leaving the smooth glaze of expert craftsmen. "VHS II" and "Low" pulling from the experimental future, samples across an ethereal backdrop of FM radio on late night drives. Rhythms finding various speeds on cruise control settings, …

Channelers - The Depth of Rest

Channelers finding pace again with the timelessness of nature. Countless sunrises, rain storms and interactions within evolving ecosystems, these sounds are burned into their surroundings. This music exist without the constructs of man, these sounds are etched in the stone and earth they heed from. Currents of water forming grooves in the earth, Channelers mirroring this infinite erosion in the consciousness. Ancient rhythms of cyclic paths, part of the DNA we all carry with us.

The Depth of Rest comes a little more than a year after Channelers previous cassette Entrance to the Next. The direction has changed from last time. Instead of a gateway stepping through to conscious limits, these four tracks focus on the world around us. Field recordings inside the forest canopy, churned with keyboards, Irish low whistle, and hammer dulcimer. A confluence of spiritual cairns on the path to musical tranquility. Channelers in cadence with acoustic flow and radiant variance, a sonic picture of a…

Somnoroase Păsărele & WOMBA - CLAR / Festering Maps of Pilvialueella

Two artists splitting sides on an Anti-Everything release. Somnoroase Păsărele turning the sonic kaleidoscope, an electronic multi dimensional bask in sublime energy. Aural radiation emulsifying the listening space, a slow burning imprint of a landscape still unknown. Romanian artist Gili Mocanu teeters on the impossible, both emitting an array of complex creativity and absorbing all thoughts from those who listen through. This composition titled CLAR flows with heavy undercurrents, while the sonic surface swirls in eddies and rippling turbulence. Like the delta at the river mouth, the six pieces within CLAR carry the same melodic attributes welling from the source.

WOMBA discharges ordered cacophonous resonance on the second side. Another twenty minute drive through whispering voices and warbled field recordings. Russian based Tikhon S. Kubov unveils his distinct ability to transfer inner conscious thought patterns to an audible parade. Ornate floats passing by with marching bands sp…