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Friday, March 31, 2017

Cassettes Times Three from OJC

Back to the flickering dimension of OJC Recordings. Los Angeles making noise again and resonating around the world from this hazy basin. This batch includes two new artist to the label and one veteran. Take a moment to explore the fringe.

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S.P.A.M. - Tar Pusher

As Godzilla trudges through the city streets causing chaos below, Tar Pusher is the sounds he might hear. A distant droning fervent of noises being mashed together. Traveling many stories high to reach the ancient ears, the world far underneath releases it's rambled ruckus. S.P.A.M. is the new drone. The industrial burning fire consuming and changing molecules. Sounds rushing into the singularity, scraping and clattering from the relentless pull of gravity. Becoming a compacted enclave of all things, all life. All sounds together, erupting like the surface of a star. Heavy and dense, Tar Pusher allows no escape.

Released on the Los Angeles label OJC Recordings in the fall of last year. This is the first output for S.P.A.M. on the label. Available from OJC's bandcamp page. A half hour for thought re-correction.

No Data - Soft Power

Tangled sounds falling from the conveyor belt. Exploding on impact as they hit the floor. No Data is back on OJC Recordings with their third cassette. Soft Power is a trip through the negative sounds of daily life. Rhythms being pressed out as the as the pressure blows out the gaskets. The adjustment to maintain the equilibrium is a constant struggle. Over a half hour foray into the foreign world of industrial upheaval. Sounds of energy being transferred using processes yet to be understood.

Released in an edition of thirty on OJC Recordings in October of last year. Available from OJC's bandcamp page. Lost in a Sea of Sound described a previous No Data release titled Uniform Groove with a Chisel if you are interested. Also on OJC Recordings.

Quilt Boy - Chore Time

Who is Quilt Boy? After listening to this new release on OJC Recordings my mind was stretched and pressure washed clean. Then a thought slowly started to surface. Is Chore Time some forty year old demo recordings from the Residents? The last track "Grey Sky's" was the clue. I know the label controls what song plays when bandcamp opens. So asking why not the first song? "Looking out my hobbit window" is kind of catchy. Understandable though, enjoyed the simple complexity of "Grey Sky's" as well. Chore Time is just under fifteen minutes in total length. Out of the entire OJC catalog, this could be the farthest release out there. That is saying a lot.

Brought to the cassette spools of life in October of last year. Not sure how many of these were made, but they are currently available from the OJC Recordings bandcamp page.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

18andCounting - TheBirdsAtThisHour

Twisting the contemporary world of music to become something it has not been before. 18andCounting shoves swords through the box containing the beautiful assistant. The mangled body is the only expected result, but this is an illusion of reality. TheBirdsAtThisHour is difficult to grasp. Genres have been dissected with less than playful angst. Expecting the remaining sounds to bleed out on the floor, the composition becomes something entirely new.

Industrial dub land poetry. Broken beats and warbled samples droning through ten tracks rigged for detonation. There is a suspenseful quality to TheBirdsAtThisHour. A creeping journey though the decay of what music once was. Like traveling underground and seeing the dead roots of the world above. There are two live tracks on this cassette, both focusing on the poetic verse of Stan Chisholm's disdain for the construct of the current society around him. These thoughts and observations are cynical, poignant and even humorous sometimes. Like "18 steady count down to zero. sometimes in chi town i chow down the gyro", "I'm gravity's enemy, no one falls faster than me". 18andCounting rifles through the world as we hear it, creating a new facet of aural topography. Hip hop torched in burning barrels keeping people warm.

Originally released in December as a digital download included with a brick found on the banks of the Mississippi. These are still available at 18andCounting's bandcamp page. Dismal Niche has also released this on cassette at the start of March this year. Available from the label's bandcamp page. Both 18andCounting and Dismal Niche are making Missouri a hub from the extremely sublime to the fringed thresholds of experiencing sound. 

Dismal Niche site - facebook - bandcamp
18andCounting - facebook - bandcamp 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Aural Canyon - Benefit Compilation for Planned Parenthood

This is the first release for Aural Canyon, a label from Austin, Texas. Thirty two tracks, a compilation covering the splendid spectrum of sublime sounds. Many of the artist have been described on Lost in a Sea of Sound. This includes Inner Travels, Ant'lrd, Electric Sound Bath, ATOP, More Eaze, Lunaria & Leaaves. Other well known artists and some to discover can be heard on this close to two and a half hour inaugural release by Aural Canyon. All contributing for a specific cause....
All of the proceeds for this release will benefit 
Planned Parenthood

Looking forward to see what physical releases Aural Canyon might have for the future. This is a very commendable way to start, the label and all of the artists working together for one good cause.

Available through Aural Canyon's bandcamp page.

Aural Canyon site - bandcamp - facebook

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Coastal Car - Lossless

You can definitely tell Andrew Buczek has spent some time playing music. His project Coastal Car centers around nine well crafted tracks. These tunes are delicately spun to hold so much weight. Was interested and went to Coastal Car's bandcamp page to hear Andrew slightly more stripped down. He has a digital release titled sweetness and light that helped in understanding the talent permeating from the core. Lossless, the newer release on Already Dead Tapes and Records plays more upbeat and is a culmination of snowballing experience. Comparing the two helps gain insight on Andrew's roots and where his sound stems from.

Call it what you want, genres and labels are irrelevant. There is excellent guitar playing and well written lyrics. Every song has meaning and depth. That is what it's all about. This is real and really good. You can hear tons of influences in Lossless and that is the magic. Like a brew with so many pinches of different things resulting in a specific purposeful potion. Coastal Car preforms sophisticated bedroom lullabies, you will be following the melodies and singing to yourself. And every time you listen it gets better...  

Released on Already Dead Tapes and Records in November. An edition of sixty now down to seven on the labels bandcamp page. Another amazingly solid Already Dead release. 

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
Coastal Car  - bandcamp - twitter

Monday, March 27, 2017

Geology Records - A Pre-Release Look

Geology Records has two essential mind smoldering drone stunners lined up for a late April release. Preorders should start this Friday. Maybe seventy five or possible only fifty of each. Very sure that most cassettes sell out from the label. Solid drone music always seems to go even quicker. Get your ears on these at the end of the week and hear Geology's first for 2017. I will add sound samples once available. Here is the link for when preorders are ready Geology Records.

        Greenhouse - Lapse 
             A thick and dense crystal clear current traveling in an eddy around your consciousness. The tones push the threshold of ominous, but hang back in grandiose refinement.


Former Selves - The Heart Wants
Emptiness slowly filled with higher level vibrations. Like ripples across a flat sea, eventually the formation is at one with itself. Sounds pulsating in basking rays of energy.  

Geology Records site - bandcamp - facebook - twitter

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Lost Trail - What If This Was All A Twilight, Trembling On The Edge Of Darkness​?​

Lost Trail is a foundation of crackling ambience, holding a droning explosion with dexterous touch. As the cube containing these vast sounds rotates on fingers edge, noises slip out through the cracks. No fumbling in the oscillating sequence, the motions are precise and are generated through a complete understanding of how the pattern unfolds. The basking sound radiation melts away the clutter and plaque collected along the monotonous cycle. Freeing the mind to wander in a haze of solar proton flux.

What If This Was All A Twilight, Trembling On The Edge Of Darkness​?​ is a lengthy sixty minute en devour. Fifteen well composed tracks by sonic manipulators Zachary and Denny Corsa. Lost Trail has a signature for me, a stratum of droning electric charges painted with a brush from conscious vibrations. Like a humming bird moving in a moderate downpour of rain. The flight significantly immobilized and the density of air beautifully sliced. A sumptuous balance of too much and not enough. One spool of the tape unwinding as the other collects, the sounds in between demagnetized and then overcharged before everything finds place again.

Already Dead Tapes and Records released this in late November. An edition of one hundred with only six remaining from the labels bandcamp page. Lost in a Sea of Sound recently described A Retreat More Than A Surrender, a Lost Trail release on Geology Records. This was an edition of fifty now down to one remaining. So keep Lost Trail in mind and act without hesitation if you like What If This Was All A Twilight, Trembling On The Edge Of Darkness​?​ Will be gone soon. 

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
Lost Trail - bandcamp  

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trauma Harness - Pain, Defeat, Death & Revival

This is release number two hundred and thirty one for Already Dead Tapes and Records. Seventy six releases ago, in the year of 2014, Trauma Harness had a cassette on the label titled Advent Calendar, which has long sold out. Two editions of fifty cassettes! Now, nearly two years later, Pain, Defeat, Death & Revival arrives at Already Dead Tapes and Records. The difference between these tapes is vast and more accurately Pain, Defeat, Death & Revival is in it's own dimension.

For a project finding footholds in all out punk and rock, this release is a step to the side and off a cliff. Eleven tracks, over a half hour in length. Pain, Defeat, Death & Revival plays like a deep sea charter boat with a deck full of novice fishermen. Hooks getting sunk into flesh instead of fish. These tracks keep reeling back and snagging you. Three tracks that have the catchy everything are Echolocation, Big Rigs, How Low (Does Your Obsession Go?).... Twisted pop goodness. Earth Link is another track with superb writing. The entire composition is refreshing and imaginative. So different than how the title and artwork portray this tape.

Released in November by Already Dead Tapes and Records in an edition of one hundred. Currently available from the labels bandcamp page. Trauma Harness also has an lp titled Tried My Hardest available on Rat King Records bandcamp page.

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
Trauma Harness - bandcamp - facebook

Friday, March 24, 2017

Already Dead VI: Never Die Compilation

Never Die is an Already Dead Tapes and Records compilation released in the fall of last year. This is the sixth annual massive collection of Already Dead artists. Over ninety minutes and twenty five artists on the recorded tape, with almost two hours and thirty two tracks on the digital. You can download the digital complimentary from the labels bandcamp page.

I have listen to this cassette many times. There are so many genres and styles included on Never Die. Ambient, singer-songwriter, rap, rock, experimental, electronic, and as always with Already Dead, just plain off the spectrum. The strength is in the diversity of the artists and how well the tracks are lined up. There is an ebb and flow making the entire listen one to be reheard many times.

Available at the labels bandcamp page. In the days of five dollar cassettes, this is a one of the best purchases available.

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Anybody But The Cops - The Shape of Punk To​-​Go

Finding the one spot where guitar, drums and bass fervently buzz over every inch of your consciousness. Eight minutes partitioned into four tracks, Anybody But The Cops is a stunt filled free fall that is over before the parachute ever opens.

The Shape of Punk To​-​Go is like a million piece jigsaw puzzle being assembled beyond human speed. Each component oddly shaped on the outside of the whole, then dexterously placed without hesitation. The balance of instrumentation is a beautifully striking feature. Everything can be deciphered on it's own ground and simultaneously working together as one. Quick and precise, that is Anybody But The Cops.

Released on the label Already Dead Tapes and Records. Gathering the four corners of the music rug and always looking for the spilled gems hidden in the fibers. An edition of three hundred and available on the labels bandcamp page.


Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
anybody but the cops - facebook - bandcamp

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hit School - Hit School

Hit School impacts anyone in earshot with scorching musical shrapnel. The rhythms are spiraling obtuse triangles landing with points down and vertices slightly above the surface. The weight of these sounds forcing thoughts into a smothered paralysis. The entire tape plays with relentless guitar, bass, drums and agonized vocals. Be prepared for sonic annihilation.

Only twenty minutes long and nine tracks of warped tuned penetration. Played in a slightly askew dimension, the fierceness of the music trying to cross the vortex and the voice shedding the torment existing on the other side. Maybe this is Hasil Adkins trapped in some rocking noise hell. One thing is Hit School can lay it down without repose. Makes Shellac's At Action Park like a day in the park.

Released by Already Dead Tapes and Records in the late middle of last year. There is one copy of one hundred, remaining for sale on the labels bandcamp page. That says all that needs to be conveyed.

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Sound travels in monstrous forms. Hearing foreign wave lengths for the first time forces the mind to react. Formulating an opinion or trying to categorize what is being heard is meaningless at this point.
Allow the sounds to continue, the consciousness of another communicating through the aural medium, the experience is there. Cop Funeral rests beyond initial reaction of like or dislike. Similar to a craggy mountainside that is beautiful when viewed but treacherous when trekked. Depending on the variables of the place, the moment and the porousness of the receiving mind.

2 STRESSED 2B BLESSED is over a half hour of charred remains in audio transcription. The cycles of noise pierce through daily fabric and shred the binding foundations. An industrial pollutant mixing with thoughts and corrupting any manufactured safe havens. As with all things, like the predator catching and devouring it's prey, there is beauty in what seems tragic. Cop Funeral alters strides throughout this cassette. Balancing the listener on the needle point and putting the foot down on the sewing machine peddle. Sometimes it hurts, but the result is a well woven composition. The title of the second track "everything will be ok" is humorous after you listen to it, but "bloody tummy" sure is not.

This was released on Already Dead Tapes and Records. Joshua Tabbia an Already Dead label founder must work endlessly with the amount of releases the label produces. Adding to the output of the label is his own project Cop Funeral. Maybe this is where you end up when listening to so much music, broken and bleak blissfulness.    

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp

Monday, March 20, 2017

Storm Ross - Welcome, Sunshine

Really amazing to listen to new music and have little to compare it to. Storm Ross bends a magical arc of sounds across the horizon. A sea of creativity produces songs taking you genre hopping. Influences from times passage reverberate through theses tracks like smoke from a tempered fire. Ironically Welcome, Sunshine is more of the future in sound. Traditional guitar, bass and drums tilted on an uneven slope and heading at hyperbolic escape velocity trajectory.

Storm Ross delivers ten tracks at around forty minutes in length. There is a grand consistency maintained thought out the composition. No vocals, just a barrage of well played instruments with little sonic trickery. Sometimes straight forward rock with touches of no wave freak out. The saxophone playing coupled with blistering guitar licks strongly push Welcome, Sunshine past traditional thresholds. This is not without counter balance. Many of the songs are slower paced forays allowing the ears left behind time to catch up. This is needed because Storm Ross can explode with fury and drain listening constitutions at any moment. The transition from the fourth track "You Will End!" to the following track "A Life of Passwords", is a good example of the complexity lurking within this recording. And then "Lamentation" after that, droning canvas with guitar sparks leading the way. Kept going with "Atheon", worldly influenced paradise! Listen a few times and you will begin to understand.

Available on Already Dead Tapes and Records in both cassette and yellow vinyl format. Released in the fall of last year. Kudos for Already Dead getting this out there. Nothing like it at all.... An excellent path.

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
Storm Ross - bandcamp - facebook