Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Sound travels in monstrous forms. Hearing foreign wave lengths for the first time forces the mind to react. Formulating an opinion or trying to categorize what is being heard is meaningless at this point.
Allow the sounds to continue, the consciousness of another communicating through the aural medium, the experience is there. Cop Funeral rests beyond initial reaction of like or dislike. Similar to a craggy mountainside that is beautiful when viewed but treacherous when trekked. Depending on the variables of the place, the moment and the porousness of the receiving mind.

2 STRESSED 2B BLESSED is over a half hour of charred remains in audio transcription. The cycles of noise pierce through daily fabric and shred the binding foundations. An industrial pollutant mixing with thoughts and corrupting any manufactured safe havens. As with all things, like the predator catching and devouring it's prey, there is beauty in what seems tragic. Cop Funeral alters strides throughout this cassette. Balancing the listener on the needle point and putting the foot down on the sewing machine peddle. Sometimes it hurts, but the result is a well woven composition. The title of the second track "everything will be ok" is humorous after you listen to it, but "bloody tummy" sure is not.

This was released on Already Dead Tapes and Records. Joshua Tabbia an Already Dead label founder must work endlessly with the amount of releases the label produces. Adding to the output of the label is his own project Cop Funeral. Maybe this is where you end up when listening to so much music, broken and bleak blissfulness.    

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