Friday, March 31, 2017

Quilt Boy - Chore Time

Who is Quilt Boy? After listening to this new release on OJC Recordings my mind was stretched and pressure washed clean. Then a thought slowly started to surface. Is Chore Time some forty year old demo recordings from the Residents? The last track "Grey Sky's" was the clue. I know the label controls what song plays when bandcamp opens. So asking why not the first song? "Looking out my hobbit window" is kind of catchy. Understandable though, enjoyed the simple complexity of "Grey Sky's" as well. Chore Time is just under fifteen minutes in total length. Out of the entire OJC catalog, this could be the farthest release out there. That is saying a lot.

Brought to the cassette spools of life in October of last year. Not sure how many of these were made, but they are currently available from the OJC Recordings bandcamp page.