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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hey Exit - Slow Names 4: The Bitter Scent of Light

Lonely meanderings across endless skies and vista infinitely deep. Hey Exit's guitar amplifier lofts out a bundle of balloons, splendid happiness that drifts away into obscurity. Vibrant melodies that hang in the air and become clouded with the world around them. Beautiful energy, alive and distinct, gathering traction through measured movements over lengthy times.

Brendan Landis, the composer behind Hey Exit, takes the slow burning ambient fire and roasts the most fragrant sounds for over an hour. Reminiscent euphony stretched and blanketing listeners from the desolate coldness. The sounds above change like the colors in a kaleidoscope from beautiful arrays to blackness. The vibrations of strings hover in a blissful state as they constantly resonate with a soulful heaviness. There are shades of wounded soldiers returning from war, victory or defeat meaningless as life moves on from civilized distortion. Brendan strikes notes causing thoughts to turn inward and reveal their shaped reasons. The sparseness and patience of Slow Names 4: The Bitter Scent of Light, allows the mind to turn and form new ideas. Definitely moody and for ponderous times.

This is the second description for Hey Exit. The first cam back in June of last year for a cassette titled Caudata.There are similar tones on both, but Slow Names 4: The Bitter Scent of Light doubles up the somber notes in both intensity and length. The are five tapes in the Slow Names series with number five arriving before number four and number one gone or yet to come. This cassette was released at the end of November. Not sure how many copies there are. They are currently available and very deserving of some personal listening time.

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