Receive - New Abrasions

With countless listens before writing these words, this composition still amazes and radiates a loss for words. With this stated, expanding the thought of "New Abrasions" as a composition is where we will start. Composition has many definitions, two of which are, "a product of mixing or combining various elements or ingredients" and another, "a written piece of music especially of considerable size and complexity". Receive has mirrored these definitions with sublime definitiveness. A gravitational force listen from opening to close, New Abrasions pushes mind and body back into the chair, drifts into weightlessness and has thoughtful control of this beautiful sonic journey. Metal, rock, pop and ambient are quick labels to categorize a composition of "size and complexity". Hopefully these genre markers are used like describing weather... windy, humid, rainy or cold, all so much more definitive than the words conveyed.
Receive is the project of Brendan Landis an artist with the long running project of Hey Exit and more recently Anura. Lost in a Sea of Sound described Hey Exit's Caudata eight years ago and with other releases to follow, so there is a little understanding of how much talent and gorgeous musical craft Brendan Landis weaves into each composition. New Abrasions is most definitely a body of music that needs to be experienced from start to finish. The transitions from each selection are fluid and seamless. Like listening to sounds as if you were really thirsty, each glass quenching but the next cup equally as satisfying. With close to forty five minutes of music over eight selections, the best place to start is the very beginning. As a listener, i think New Abrasions becomes more elegant as it travels through each track, building on the foundation of the opening metal in "Aquiesce" and returning to these foundations in the second to last track "Half Sun". There is so much more though, Receive has excellent concept on how to take threads all the way through our conscious. 

Released on Already Dead Tapes and Records in a cassette edition of one hundred. Copies are currently available from Already Dead. There are many artists who helped with this release, everyone with different roles. They are Calley Nelson, Andrew G Nault, Amy Rose Mills, Anna Atkins, Jackson Kovalchik, Monroe Getz, Zach Kaye. Oh, if you have read this far, the second side of the cassette is a bonus, all eight tracks are on the first side!