Ricardo Dias Gomes - Aa

Rhythms shadowed in decaying genres, sparse sounds barely illuminated by radiant creativity. Like motionless snakes heating on sun drenched surfaces, slithering away when sensing presence. Aa lays still, a resting body in tranquilized stasis. Consciousness tuning in, patient sonic muscles begin constriction. Ricardo Dias Gomes waits.... his composition heated perfectly.

Common aural ingredients applied with intuition rather than recipe. Eight tracks in a relatively short amount of time, close to twenty minutes. Ricardo Dias Gomes features six guests artist on Aa. This influence ultimately nudges diversity into the composition. Using distant decades to lasso Aa with some comparative measure, an amalgamate of Cabaret Voltaire and Sleep Chamber. A rhythmic seriousness bringing a maze of catacombs to the spirit. Paths splintered by pressing vocals, disorienting bass and electronic shrapnel. Heaviness balanced by the third track Fogo Chama and the seventh track 1 2 3 Nenéns. Warm and gentle respites in the pulse like suspenseful cadence of the other tracks. Ricardo Dias Gomes treats details like sonic gemstones, the dark crystalline notes painstakingly kept polished. This aspect is unique, since ponderous tones often sway towards distortion. Very little if any on Aa, making this composition an easy listen, again and again.

Released on split labels, one of Oakland's most well regarded labels, Kill Shaman Records and the long running SDZ Records from Paris. Aa is in a limited run of five hundred copies and arrived in September of this year.

Ricardo Dias Gomes - bandcamp - facebook
Kill Shaman Records site - bandcamp - facebook
SDZ Records site - bandcamp - facebook


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