Arvo Zylo - UPHEAVAL

The fragile conditions of conscious tranquility are always subject to sounds. Notes arranged in sequences and patterns sweep from initiating sleep or causing madness. What are the inspirations behind creating aural landscapes in either direction? Most likely these sonic forays are inducements in directions of feeling content. Sharing inner rhythms, long sustained tones or in this case rippling concussions from inner cyclic vibrations.

UPHEAVAL was described before, two years ago in cassette form on Tymbal Tapes. This early surge of sounds is part of Arvo Zylo's series in sustained chaos. The only fact known for sure, the compact disc described here, is one of infinite installments of UPHEAVAL. All releases in all forms, tapes, floppy, digital and discs are different parts of the UPHEAVAL experience.

The composition herein will dislocate thoughts from their resting places. From Arvo's skill and experience, an hour of mind intimidation is too much for any listener. This composition starts off by making a score in the mental fabric, a cut just deep enough to allow feelings to escape and also get in. Calming sounds are applied, coinciding with an exuberant feeling of making the passage and earning the peacefulness on the next track. But the new sonic fields are also precarious and Arvo enlightens listener's to this fact. Over the next three tracks, conditions have calmed, almost drone like landscapes with fascinating electronic willow-wisps. Finally the turbulence returns, all encompassing white noise, like a giant eraser scathing back and fourth. The experience has been removed for something new.

Released on the No Part of It label in an unknown number of editions. You can only hear two selections on the bandcamp page. This is a very good approach, promoting a purchase in either physical or digital renditions.

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