Jaap Blonk - Joyous Junctures

When receiving music from both Public Eyesore and Eh?, there is always some trepidation to the sounds these releases will hold. One aspect centering around this thought is how talented the artists are and the tenure they have had. For this release titled Joyous Junctures, Jaap Blonk has gone far away and survived with labor and skills from his own measures. Stunningly these creations are more than just subsistence in a perplexingly world, more like vignettes of a completely alien aspect. Each creation held with reverence by a stream consciousness current planetary vibrations do not resonate at. Yes, sounds from a dimension only a select few understand, now here with hopefulness of connecting with those willing to venture into the thresholds. Joyous Junctures is uplifting, challenging, curious and just plain amazing.

Voice, electronics, samples mixed with an onslaught of experience and creativity, these are words feebly describing sounds in the nether reaches of descriptions. Think of a one person Haka that simultaneously delights and sends shivers of fear from lack of understanding. Computer generated voices in rearranged patterns, mimicking the English language with indecipherable twists. Jaap Blonk a soothsayer with a ghastly timber forewarning of the Ides of March. There are many tracks denoted on the cassette fold out card, but when listening, these selections seamlessly transition together. Concentration with intent of trying to comprehend is like hearing successive fractal patterns. The details are products of the entirety, thoughts are lost in the depths or reaches depending on each listeners perspective.

These words are from an outsider trying to describe a direction someone has been traveling for a good length of time. Two paragraphs can not encapsulate this composition, but hopefully they will catch a flickering aural glimpse. As mentioned in the opening sentence, this is a release on the eh? label. Copies are available from the eh? website here. Also explore Jaap Blonk's extensive bandcamp page here.

Sound Samples
Squares Be Gone
Summer Solstice Song

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