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Severino Pfifferling - Musik für Spülmaschine und Synthesizer

The melodic and methodical jet of water in cyclic motion. Intense heat causing almost dreamlike stasis. Severino Pfifferling extracts the circulatory sounds of the Spülmaschine (dishwasher) and provides them with an orchestra via synthesizer. This is a long awaited union, fortunately finally available from the Cologne, Germany label Strategic Tape Reserve.

Yes, this combination does sound far fetched and almost incomprehensible. The genuineness though, is within the sounds of this composition. The listening experience for this description started without knowing definition the German word Spülmaschine. Just pressed play on the cassette and sunk into the mysterious world of Severino Pfifferling, there was never a correlation between the sounds recorded from the washer. After reading Strategic Tape Reserve's bandcamp description and listening again, almost all of the intricacies of this kitchen work horse could be understood. Severino's synthesizer adding alien notes to a rum…

Nicholas Langley - Plays The Vitamin B12

Exceptional music can happen instantaneously or take a circuitousness journey. For this new release on Strategic Tape Reserve, the long path is complete. A new composition by Nicholas Langley, one of the musicians who plays with the improvisational group The Vitamin B12. This group has had different members over it's long history including Nicholas, but the artist Alasdair Willis has always been the denominator. The first connection is easy,  Nicholas Langley has played in the same group with Alasdair Willis. In the years centered around 2010, Alasdair Willis composed a thirty track solo work titled "Rock Formations". Not sure if this was ever physically released, but "Rock Formations" is available to listen and download on The Vitamin B12 bandcamp page.

The second connection is Nicholas Langley's new arrangements of selected tracks on Alasdair Willis' "Rock Formations". With so much music available to digitally listen to, comparing Alasdair&#…

Torsten Papenheim - Tracking / Racking

Wow and flutter at glacial speed, Torsten Papenheim finding cosmic patience. Sounds elongated and augmented, equipment Signal-To-Noise Ratio being amplified into a droning nexus. When listening closely, the first track, "Tracking [for tapes & minidiscs]" harbors haunting fluctuations in its depths. Like the netherworld has ripped and audible portal in the ground below. As the performance moves forward, Torsten pushes the tumultuous static aside for strayed notes to surface. Lost sounds on some keyboard styled instrument. These singular sonic entries begin to merge with the hiss of mysterious electronic origins the all fades back to nothing.

The second side titled "Racking [for guitar & objects]" requires both creative composure and listening imperturbability. Not in the sense the music is dangerous or violent, but in the implanted idea of a slow percussive tone preceding something ominous to come. Torsten Papenheim bends one rhythm across a lengthy period o…

Whettman Chelmets - Long Read Memories

Crossing into the sombre heaviness... Whettman Chelmets pulls from nearly twenty years of recorded compositions. Sensitive fragments filled with emotion and creativity, outlets for expression of the feelings at the time. Individually these tracks don't fit with other pieces created over this duration. Difficult to add introspective and happy together, to the artist is does not make sense. Over time, the accumulation of sentiment begins to become something more. Affiliation of sounds through all the years makes complete sense and transforms into "Long Read Memories".

The story of this release can be read on Whettman Chelmets' bandcamp page. Would feel more comfortable with those interested reading the artist's words than those in this description. Long Read Memories is eight tracks just under forty minutes. Amazingly, for creative work spanning almost two decades, the cohesiveness is unprecedented. These sounds ooze imagery, like Whettman Chelmets has created a so…

Concrete Colored Paint - Free Association

A deep current, never physically observed, flows through all living creatures. It's presence connects present awareness with the unfathomable time evolution has transpired. Listening to Free Association by Colored Paint lifts thoughts in beautiful fashion. Bird calls, notes, droning emptiness and human voice all combine, creating an infinite nexus from past origins to the existing state. These sounds dive into the primordial beginnings, the molecules which we are all currently recycling.

Free Association is a quiet morning reflecting the stir of life with early light. A time when the heaviness of the day waits to build with the endless cycle of planetary rotation. Thoughts are still fresh an unencumbered by the awaiting issues of responsibility. These plus forty five minutes over eight tracks blur with the manifestation of new shadows. Sounds reaching into the construct of the timeless energy flow, the foundations of all physical properties around us.

This is the third description…

Somnoroase Păsărele - 0RT0

Emptiness eclipsed by sound. Vast open spaces rattled by trembling ground, the quake connecting untraveled distances. An Atlantic hurricane moving through Caribbean islands, the coastline of the States, Canada, Greenland.... Ireland. A solar eclipse darkening a swath of land across a continent. Immense distances in some state of calm tranquility united by geologic, atmospheric and cosmic events. 0RT0 travels this long path in conscious thought. Four lengthy suites, pleasantly settling and alarmingly pulling. Feelings across the entire spectrum of individual awareness, harmonic peacefulness mutating into stirring unrest, then calm once again. The undulating process like a buoy in high seas, Somnoroase Păsărele is both the ocean and the unyielding stability of the marker. A wisely patient composition requiring listening constitution to hear the far reaching depths.

Somnoroase Păsărele's 0RT0 is a dynamic symphony. Divided into four movements, each traversing aural landscapes of gent…


Emptiness in natural surrounding is mostly a perception. Scientist just found worms with three sexes in California's arsenic laced Mono Lake. This changes the ecosystem tremendously from what was previously known. This new composition by The Tuesday Night Machines is similar in discovery. An AE Modular Synthesizer, empty of warmth and feeling, manipulated to create deeper meditative aural waves. Without the interaction of sonic scientists, this would still be just a conglomeration of circuits, knobs, and wires in a small box.

WÆVER connects the consciousness with places thoughts have closed off. Twenty minutes of drone like acetylene torch cutting the mental welds within the mind. The tones of the AE Modular Synthesizer are raw and filled with a darker current. The Tuesday Night Machines reaching into listener's spirits and pulling on constructs that keep us physically separate. An ambient flow, steady in the beginning, then fluctuating with creative purpose. WÆVER is beautif…

Corwin Trails - Wolf Songs Folk Songs

The connective fibers of the physical and spiritual glide effortlessly on this sonic journey. Extending percussion as the root, a sublime resonance traveling through the world. Like a bamboo plant with extra ordinary abilities, tubers running through the core, new sprouts appearing on continents and islands from east to west. This budding growth gathering radiation and photosynthesizing focus in rhythm and patience. Wolf Songs Folk Songs can be a cool canopy to rest under or a sun drenched warm hilltop field, but this requires an investment from each listener. Discovering how music rests within thoughts and how feelings are soothed or even agitated for that matter, takes time. The compositions tremendous diversity and complex patterns is like a heavy shower of rain. Listening under covered shelter a few times eventually provides the soundness to feel comfortable getting soaked.

Corwin Trails is the yoke pulling music heritage and innovation. Ten tracks, constellations in the night sky…