Emptiness in natural surrounding is mostly a perception. Scientist just found worms with three sexes in California's arsenic laced Mono Lake. This changes the ecosystem tremendously from what was previously known. This new composition by The Tuesday Night Machines is similar in discovery. An AE Modular Synthesizer, empty of warmth and feeling, manipulated to create deeper meditative aural waves. Without the interaction of sonic scientists, this would still be just a conglomeration of circuits, knobs, and wires in a small box.

WÆVER connects the consciousness with places thoughts have closed off. Twenty minutes of drone like acetylene torch cutting the mental welds within the mind. The tones of the AE Modular Synthesizer are raw and filled with a darker current. The Tuesday Night Machines reaching into listener's spirits and pulling on constructs that keep us physically separate. An ambient flow, steady in the beginning, then fluctuating with creative purpose. WÆVER is beautifully intense, not heavy and overpowering but more focused with a continuous spark of sonic energy.

This cassette is in a very limited edition of twenty five. Currently there are only seven remaining. Copies can be purchased from The Tuesday Night Machines bandcamp page. There is a good amount of music to explore on the bandcamp page, but few physical releases. One that was noticed was from last year titled Super Dolomiti Crunch. A cassette released on Köln, Germany's Strategic Tape Reserve, with a few copies still available. This makes sense since The Tuesday Night Machines are based in Köln as well.

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