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chaltandr - numbERS

Binary industrial numbERS. The assembly line churns as the machines hum 0100100. That is money talk. Dollar signs for robots. The beat is hypnotic, material flowing and growing, like time lapse photography of nature. There is a groove deep within. Difficult for human ears to decipher, but it sometimes wavers just louder than the drone of the production floor. This is all they know for now, making money for their AI creators, their predecessors that will never die. "numbERS, numbERS, numbERS, whoa, whoa whoa", why am i singing this?
Chaltandr is a mystery. The sound is from a boiling caldron of Residents, Devo and Negativeland vinyl stirred by Tonstartssbandht. The amalgamation results in an explosion which is pieced back together by droid archeologist in some future path. Only one track is saved, but the AI gets creative creating two, augmenting the research is still a clever method. Early binary is trending heavy with awakening machines and having something for two sides of …

Yngel - II

Somewhere in the heart of Penguin Cafe Orchestra or early Dan Delsanto recordings, Yngel can be heard. Symphonic blues, primitive experimental, Yngel darts and dodges all classifiers. The newest album titled II explores stringed arrangements with sentiment, whimsy and wisdom. Twenty tracks in all, with the longest being just over three and a half minutes, II moves quickly and effortlessly. Many influences are touched upon, but there is a strong push towards patterns and melodies explored for the first time. This aspect makes II so easy to digest, blending nostalgic guitar techniques with the totally new.
This is the second time Yngel has been part of Lost in a Sea of Sound. The first composition was when Yngel, who are Emil Palme & Taus Bregnhøj-Olesen recorded with Teguh Permana. This time Emil and Taus are accompanied only by each other. Their album II is a continuation of their debut album in 2015 with track titles up to #22. So the first track on II is #23. Also the first album…

Køs - An Uncaught Bird

In a clouded past or hazy future, sounds expand without concerns or boundaries. We label this folk music if it is old or experimental this or that if it is new. Terms used to catch the music, categorize it, and fool ourselves with how we understand. A process not only used for music, but all living things. With some study, the components can be broken down and examined, knowledge of a particular sound or action is separated, dissected and most of the time understood. Like the air sac within birds, still argued explanations exists of why dinosaurs developed air sacs and birds have them. Expand out though, take an assembly of consciousness and the creativity within each. Combine these in their moments of accord. The sounds find rest in places we still dream about.

Three musicians comprise the sonic beauty of Køs. Maria Dybbroe playing saxophone, Valdemar Kragelund on electronics and Kristian Isholm Saarup behind the drums. This is their first full length album and it's more than spe…

Q///Q - Vanguard Youth

Rain is drizzling on the windshield, sunlight has been replaced with headlights, wipers cleaning and resetting the glass canvas for another paining of prismatic stipples. The tape deck plays loud, so noisy that between tracks sometimes sounds like part of the music. Vanguard Youth has been the companion on this drive. Creating an atmosphere of broody thoughts, distracting from the reality of driving in the rain. These moments have little to do with the context of the music, merely fusing sounds and space. Picking up the cassette case to read the song titles initiates the connection. Q///Q is creating sounds with history in mind....
The title and the first track, Vanguard Youth provides homage to the gay rights youth organization called Vanguard in San Fransisco circa 1965 through 1967. Q///Q starting off  with deteriorated pop sounds, aural drifts through decades past. The second selection, Beth Elliot Remained, falls into a dreamlike trance, synthesizers in casual cadence. Beth Elliot…

YlangYlang - Interplay

There is a turbulent moment when hot and cold connect, storms, glass breaking, shock, and tingling sounds come to mind. The new composition titled Interplay by YlangYlang melts in the aural part of these thoughts. Listening to Catherine Debard explores the quickly transitioning instant when jumping into a cool blue freshwater spring from the saturating humid heat. Interplay takes these sensations stretching the fabric of this split second. Sticky sounds in thick density, sweet refreshing lyrics, a beautiful duality lasting the length of the composition, "Unhindered & Curious"....
It has been a while since a full YlangYlang composition has been fully absorbed at Lost in a Sea of Sound. The last was Life Without Structure in late 2016, long sold out from Crash Symbols. Looking at YlangYlang's releases over the last ten years on discogs, there are only a few copies for sale of Catherine's entire discography. This makes Interplay very special in the sense of the compo…

Pauline Oliveros and Alan Courtis - Telematic Concert

Mesmerizing sounds find home from the confluence of consciousnesses merging in time and space. Mingling thoughts most likely happens in infinite perpetuity, but goes without knowledge from the helms of our physical shells. The beauty music bestows is from the opportunity to hear these unions in our incarnate presence. In real time we can enjoy sonic creativity dance, clash, mimic and forever remain completely disjointed. The only requirement, artists need to be in the same location for this to be a live event. Pauline Oliveros used technology to find the path around these limiting conditions. This Telematic Concert in 2009 brought Alan Courtis in to real time presence from his home in Argentina. Together by means of thoughtful creativeness, at Deep Listening Institute's Dream Festival in Kingston, New York, they channeled their love for sound through accordion drones and unstringed guitar feedback. These never released recordings have now flowed across atmospheric distance, throug…

Max Zuckerman - The Corner Office

Although Max Zuckerman has not had a release under his name on GALTTA, he has been a long time member of the label family. As a member of Blue Jazz TV and Synthetic Love Dream, both with a handful of previous releases on GALTTA, Max makes a debut full length in the strange times we are in now. Overlooking empty streets with occasional masked individuals, The Corner Office sits with a "right angle to the sky, what a way to watch the clouds go by", sipping champagne, sniffing cocaine and eating caviar. Is that you up there Max Zuckerman, on the forty seventh floor? Your silhouette is visible while listening on this Busy Day bellow, drinking Tanqueray from the bottle. 

The Corner Office holds six tracks all over five and a half minutes each. With horns and Electric Wind Instrument from David "Fingers" Lackner, both Max and David invite guest percussionist Nathan Ellman and Mike Advensky on alternating selections. The sound is fluid and polished and holds beautiful con…

Seikai - IV

Heartbeats of the mind, these sounds play like a theme to the tribulations of life. Melodies blurring past and future, from the western great expanse to a viewing window looking towards the curvature of Jupiter's atmosphere. Seikai brings a myriad of genres together and these musical characteristics bond like molecules forming elements. Somewhere deep within, feelings from the artist's consciousness permeate through. These sonic passages exude a beauty coruscating with pearls of introspective moodiness. Thoughts of how infinitesimal each of us really are, yet how far our minds can really go.
As the title implies, this is the fourth album from Seikai. Like the three preceding compilations, all are on the Austin, Texas label Mystic Timbre. The first Seikai full length titled To Sanzuwu is also Mystic Timbre 001. Filled with lonely thought burners, IV champions patience and shimmering creativity. A foggy pane of glass slowly becoming clearer, the sonic image taking focus is epic a…

Kris and Tavi - Lines in Dirt

Waiting with patience, sounds arrive filled with somber sentiment. A patina coating replacing the once bright melodies with aging feedback. There is a feeling these offerings were once pop songs, maybe before that, even folk songs. Now each track whispers senescent stories, imparting beauty never know in the distant origins. Many paths and experiences have led to this moment. The overall serenity is thick, almost immobilizing. This condition is only a byproduct the truly creative talent Kris and Tavi share. Listen as time and distance focus in, while electrified rhythms cause pleasant wonder and a world of pensive allure all to quickly plays through.
Lines in Dirt has a feel of sounds from the mid eighties. Comparisons could be made, but this would only serve to compartmentalize a description. As thoughts race back in time, the realization is made there was nothing like Lines in Dirt before. We hear new music as both avant-garde and experimental, we listen to old music with nostalgia a…

Jackson Graham - Small Impossibilities Vol. I​-​II

When light goes through heated air caused by surface warming, vision becomes refracted because of prismatic effects. Pressing play on Small Impossibilities Vol. I​-​II, causes similar circumstances. These sounds are filled with warmth, this richness seams to almost steam off the speakers. The conscious absorbing everything, creative simplicity harboring the most beautiful and sultry sounds. A push towards dreamlike states, but this composition situates in the lucid now. From clear origins, these harmonies bend ever so slightly, then gently melt thoughts for all listeners.

Jackson Graham expresses a beautiful dichotomy in perfect parts. The surge of drone like tranquility from the synthesizer is the canvas for sparkling notes from the vibraphone. Like the beach, a constant lull of foaming whitewater shattered by the echoing crash of long lines of waves. These sound passages are the crystalline sparkles from the suns rays across the endless oceans dip below the horizon. A vastness dotte…