Pauline Oliveros and Alan Courtis - Telematic Concert

Mesmerizing sounds find home from the confluence of consciousnesses merging in time and space. Mingling thoughts most likely happens in infinite perpetuity, but goes without knowledge from the helms of our physical shells. The beauty music bestows is from the opportunity to hear these unions in our incarnate presence. In real time we can enjoy sonic creativity dance, clash, mimic and forever remain completely disjointed. The only requirement, artists need to be in the same location for this to be a live event. Pauline Oliveros used technology to find the path around these limiting conditions. This Telematic Concert in 2009 brought Alan Courtis in to real time presence from his home in Argentina. Together by means of thoughtful creativeness, at Deep Listening Institute's Dream Festival in Kingston, New York, they channeled their love for sound through accordion drones and unstringed guitar feedback. These never released recordings have now flowed across atmospheric distance, through technological conduit and temporal space, to be the be the first in a new program crafted by the label sPLeeNCoFFiN dubbed the Vault Series.

The noteless void. A raw blanket of frequencies in mirroring sine and cosine values. The Telematic Concert makes it clearly apparent these artists "get" each other. From before this creativity melted together, thoughts were in similar spaces. Now the drone is the common medium. Amazingly the foundations of Pauline Oliveros and Alan Courtis' are not caustic and dark. This would be the sign of artists possibly trying to hard to force their style into the union. A statement of power and might this is not. More like experienced jazz musicians creating a "head", the canvas of drone, them improvising beyond this principle. The result is more akin to a written composition. Transcribed and performed by an orchestra rather than two musicians improvising over a telecommunication line. If you need positioning for this thought, check out the third track on Jerry Goldsmith's OST for the Planet of the Apes. Titled "The Searchers", Pauline Oliveros and Alan Courtis sounds would overlay perfectly, and these were performed by an orchestra. The Telematic Concert is a beautiful balance between like minded artists, both with pioneering love for sound and thoughtfulness for each other.

According to sPLeeNCoFFiN's website, this vinyl edition is in pre-order stage for a few more days. The release date is scheduled for Friday, May 22nd (the end of this week). This may have been pushed back because of current conditions. There was a printed date of April 3rd on a promotional page, either way it is now or very soon. This is a great dig in the archives and probably took a good deal of effort to move it to a release on vinyl. Thank you sPLeeNCoFFiN and will be looking forward to the next in the Vault Series.