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Susana López - crónica de un secuestro

The energy within sounds causes worlds to melt. Passion and complete annihilation are the extremes holding current knowledge, while the remaining sonic bandwidth lies in between. The beauty of this aural experience, the harmonic equation, is how the same sounds can illicit polar reactions in those who listen. Heavy metal is relaxing or classical music becomes infuriating. Sometimes the melodic fortitude defies this reasoning. Special compositions are one, noise being noise, or melodic bliss is all that is heard by all. Susana López has created exactly this, an aural exception to the baseline thought. A vibrant atmosphere where sounds fill natural space. Listening produces most similar reactions... awe of depth and beauty.    The timbre of crónica de un secuestro holds qualities on the edge of understanding. Rhythm and drone, distance and tight proximity, a delicate balance delivered with exceptional love for those who listen. A meditative composition with pools of rejuvenating energy.

Forankring - s/t

The sea is flat until eyes focus on the horizon. From this distant vantage point the edge looks turbulent and in flux. An extensive calm surface bordered by the illusion of jaggedness. Two selections quickly casting thoughts to distant vistas. A place where the consciousness is welcomed for a beautiful sail, the winds filled with analog currents. This is how Forankring delivers energy, natural forces holding elements from all of time. Simply pristine, drone repetition holding all beauty in a blink of times passing. These two offerings are special, how concise this cassette sounds making it even more so. Released on the label Forlaget Kornmod from Odense, Denmark. A very limited edition of just twenty tapes. Hand made sleeves holding a vibrant clear pink cassette. Copies are currently available. Forankring by Forankring Links Forlaget Kornmod - bandcamp

Futureslum - Pretty Flowers in the Garden

The ground vibrates as clumps of earth disintegrate upon impact. Futureslum is digging something up... A rhythmic unearthing process, like a dog scattering loose dirt at full velocity, then stopping to bask and pant with the new found depth. Back at it.... burying grooves toady, big ones. Pretty Flowers in the Garden is filled with prismatic intensity. A rainbow of dirt and debris being tossed in the air with precise cadence. Like aulētēs playing the pipes for oarsmen to glide with skilled ease. Pretty Flowers in the Garden does not have tracks, only grandiose raw beats. A sonic collage formed from coarse sedimentary elements. All so natural, the consciousness absorbs these sounds like water on a hot day. In between these grooves rest the most subtle energy. Noise, drone, sounds from the mechanical processes all life exudes. When combined with rhythms, a real moment is described. Minutes combining to make an hour, then days, years, entire lives... Pretty Flowers in the Garden is a soun

German Army - Blending Landscapes

With a gentle push into the sonic abyss, Blending Landscapes begins. A bleak world where music and noise merge, the results are natural reactions found across time. Like the formation and demise of super continents, Nuna, Rodinia, Pannotia and Pangea, volcanic pulsations of a planet emitting life breathing energy. Geologic formations in synapse, biologic evolution with a rhythmic sense, pulling from both ancient and the still unknown simultaneously. Blending Landscapes holds crystalline sonic passages created by dense pressure of a world before us. Echos of spiritual rituals finding place with majestic vistas both lost and reborn. These sounds perpetually reverberating as decibels crumble, an aural mist enveloping listeners from a world older than most can truly fathom. Once again German Army delivering a full sortie on a massive compilation. Fourteen tracks slowly and steadily vibrating the consciousness. Like a wedge, each beat moves forward in a fractional, almost in-measurable amou

Anura - Deluge

Anura blurs beats and rhythms into the ethereal. Melodies reaching through past decades, across the creation of wavering dimensional layers, sounds finding pathways to the present. The genres within Deluge have been worn away leaving dark and vibrant hues. These tracks speak like like sea glass, individual journeys through turbulent sediment. The final product can be held with both a sense of beauty and mystery. These selections flicker with radiance like stars behind a thin layer of fog, bright with an elusive warmth, always there yet nostalgically distant. Brendan Landis has crafted a new project titled Anura. On this composition named Deluge, nine tracks melt beginnings and ends together. Harmonies within filled with passion, influences from sounds before, dreamlike soliloquies escaping for new listeners to hear. This could be pop music, or angelic rock ballads, but these compartments are only broken shells from which the energy has traveled. Now melodies infinitely expand and then