Anura - Deluge

Anura blurs beats and rhythms into the ethereal. Melodies reaching through past decades, across the creation of wavering dimensional layers, sounds finding pathways to the present. The genres within Deluge have been worn away leaving dark and vibrant hues. These tracks speak like like sea glass, individual journeys through turbulent sediment. The final product can be held with both a sense of beauty and mystery. These selections flicker with radiance like stars behind a thin layer of fog, bright with an elusive warmth, always there yet nostalgically distant.

Brendan Landis has crafted a new project titled Anura. On this composition named Deluge, nine tracks melt beginnings and ends together. Harmonies within filled with passion, influences from sounds before, dreamlike soliloquies escaping for new listeners to hear. This could be pop music, or angelic rock ballads, but these compartments are only broken shells from which the energy has traveled. Now melodies infinitely expand and then decompose with grandeur. A beautiful pathway for Brendan to explore in alternate directions from Hey Exit.

Released on Already Dead Tapes and Records in an edition of one hundred and twenty five. Copies are currently available from the label. Looking back at Already Dead Releases and the projects Brendan Landis has been involved with, this cassette will be short lived in physical form.


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