Susana López - crónica de un secuestro

The energy within sounds causes worlds to melt. Passion and complete annihilation are the extremes holding current knowledge, while the remaining sonic bandwidth lies in between. The beauty of this aural experience, the harmonic equation, is how the same sounds can illicit polar reactions in those who listen. Heavy metal is relaxing or classical music becomes infuriating. Sometimes the melodic fortitude defies this reasoning. Special compositions are one, noise being noise, or melodic bliss is all that is heard by all. Susana López has created exactly this, an aural exception to the baseline thought. A vibrant atmosphere where sounds fill natural space. Listening produces most similar reactions... awe of depth and beauty. 
The timbre of crónica de un secuestro holds qualities on the edge of understanding. Rhythm and drone, distance and tight proximity, a delicate balance delivered with exceptional love for those who listen. A meditative composition with pools of rejuvenating energy. A blue spring with sunlight refracting through the water, wind caressing the physical surroundings while a solitary bird calls close by. The entire essence is mesmerizing and entrancing, then a dive into the water breaks the trance of warmth and headiness, the haze of tranquility injected with sonic awareness. Sensations of truly alive and awake spill through the consciousness. Like the sacred spring, Susana López' sounds thrive in aural duality. Outward illusions sparkle with peacefulness, while an inner profoundness provides a path to the conjunctures of life... noise, randomness, chaos. The ambiance drones out the ever present commotion, crónica de un secuestro is a subtle and refined entropy causing heads to redirect. Susana penning and performing an aural waltz, a beautiful dance of ice and fire. This composition sits on a precipice, patiently waiting for listeners to ascend. Fortunately crónica de un secuestro makes the journey effortless.       

Released on a gorgeous triple fold compact disc by Elevator Bath. Both artwork and sounds meeting the high level of standards the label consistently shares. Only out for a couple of weeks now, this edition of one hundred and fifty will go quickly. These passages are the beautiful denominators for all who enjoy sound.





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