Credo In Deum - Blood Soaked Sand

The beauty of budding birth is weighted in unbalanced fashion by death and decomposition. How often is the spawn of life considered compared to countless instances of death surrounding us? Thoughts behind the slap of a mosquito, an almost mindless action killing a predatory tiny insect, to the senseless waste of war, too overwhelming to accurately fathom. This new composition titled Blood Soaked Sand descends in plateau like steps, an aural guide and Sherpa, both directing and carrying emotions to a place we all will visit. To ignore the frailty of all things is missed wisdom in the time we are living. Fortunately Credo In Deum gently grabs the elbow and leads us though the unknown dimension.
Blood Soaked Sand takes listeners through a nexus of sonic shrapnel. Exploding sound fragments finding arrangements like stones across a river, then disappearing into the turbulent medium. Starting withing a broken glass covered threshold on the first track titled Battered Wife Syndrome, listeners are then treated to the most rhythmic selection on the composition titled Jetavana. The Accuser is like a vacuum, creating sounds as they are pulled from the living, leaving a mysterious sadness of nothingness. These sounds are somewhere in the between world, skirting the rim of the unexplored depths below while tethered to what we still know. The forth track titled Path of The Fierce Beast, is the growing rumbling din of the turbid energy below. This is the prologue to the final three tracks, a dark and tumultuous experience of what death could possibly be like. 

These sounds are the work of Robert LaBarge, currently using the project name Credo in Deum. To understand the context of Blood Soaked Sand, please read the narrative Arvo Zylo used for the bandcamp page. From what Arvo details, the amount of sonic material Robert LaBarge has created is amazing, and the length of these selections.... Most of the tracks on this composition are excerpts from much longer pieces. Arvo has meticulously listened to this work and produced what he thinks exemplifies the creativity we all share. Blood Soaked Sand is available fro No Part Of It on compact disc. The label offers bundles and batches to help work your way to the gleaming gems far off the trodden sonic paths.



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