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Monday, December 8, 2014

Bonding Tapes - Quality Time Volume 1

Quality Time Volume 1 has thrown me far from the spectrum of snug sounds. Each track is like a short vignette giving way to copious talent by a plethora of artists. Amazingly, the amount of diversity 18 different artists contributes does not fracture this release. Instead, the music stays in a tight orbit, blending most seamlessly, and blurring the fact this is even a various artist cassette.

I have listened to the tape countless times. Being completely honest, i have been afraid to write. This is the most difficult description i have had to put together. Compilations are always challenging and this music is otherworldly from the start to finish. There are moments when i feel like i understand, then those occasions deteriorate. Question marks mixed with fascinating sounds fill my head. Seconds ago i had something to say, now just bewildered by the subtle complexity.

When listening to the tape in the truck with my son, i was told this was the opposite of music. "The vocals are in the back and the beat is in the front". I think this was on the Sonic D track titled "Aqua". We were having quality time listening to music (pretty cool using that eh). There are no favorites for me on this cassette. Each track interacts with the environment while you are listening at that juncture. Every artist has the potential to create the coolest mini soundtrack for some point in your day.

Bonding Tapes has released an incredible first release. There are links to each artists on their bandcamp page for further investigation. The cassette purchase includes a sticker, pin and poster. Do not miss out on this because there is a good certainty this label is going to gain traction. The first release with all of the goodies will be a nice way to remember you were with Bonding Tapes on the ground floor.

Bonding Tapes website
Quality Time Volume 1 on bandcamp