Saturday, September 19, 2015

ATOP - 777

Iconic primordial notes. Methane moving upward from vast wetlands. Akkad the Orphic Priest has allowed this cassette ample fermentation. Now feedback and electric sizzle have mixed with once clean sounds in the anaerobic digestion process. Time has twisted this into a gaseous drone, making it initially catatonic to would be listeners. But allow the process to develop in entirety and only then 777 will bestow it's wisdom.

Synthesizer recorded and then played at 16-2/3 RPM. So slow the imperfections of the vinyl mix in making this an entirely new sound. The two sides of this cassette titled  777 are similar and different. Juxtaposed in Akkad the Orphic Priest's world. Meditation and enlightenment or fermentation and evolvement. The entire listen is a wave of sound moving toward you, cascading over, then receding. These are analogies to better understand how ATOP's 777 engages the listener. A solar breeze, moving the molecules in your mind. Comforting, calming and intriguing, these sounds have revitalizing properties.

This is out on the Wood Between Worlds label from Austin, Texas. Very cool small label emitting sounds from some crack in the earth in the Balcones Fault Zone. A cassette very worth securing while it seethes up from the rock in an edition of 50. Keep an eye on Wood Between Worlds....
There is so much done superbly, alluring sounds bound to graceful art in a cassette medium.

Wood Between Worlds - bandcamp - facebook - soundcloud - twitter
Nice words from - Guide Me Little Tapes