Sunday, September 20, 2015

Talk West - Blindsight

Elegant guitar intermezzos made for headphone listening and moving through the world. As we watch and listen, Blindsight by Talk West will bestow affirmation all life is really just moments between acts. This music will compliment your perception of the reality around you, helping fix yourself to a spatial axis, to realize beauty exist at any moment or place. These tracks unlock this ability, and rest in a special place for modern composition.

Dylan Golden Aycock has taken eleven pieces and imprinted his gracefulness and refinement. Blindsight is not overly brooding or excessively contemplative. These tracks are rather syrupy sweet. Thick with patience and slow burners for roasting your consciousness. Playful like throwing a medicine ball back and forth or going under big ocean waves and hearing the power move over your suspended self. Brief moments in which life exerts it's ability to help you find yourself in the physical now. Blindsight plays through as one pleasing continuation of deft talent from noble emotion.

I have been a fan of both Sic Sic Tapes and Dylan Golden Aycock. When i noticed Sic Sic Tapes was releasing this cassette, was happy to put this on the top of the list as one to pick up. This is my second write up of a Dylan Golden Aycock release. The first titled Guitar Meanderings I on Cabin Floor Esoterica was done almost a year ago (hard to believe!). So this one has been sold out from the label since it was released. If you like it, Josh at Tomentosa has copies for sale from his most recent update. Probably only a handful though, so act quickly!

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Dylan Golden Aycock site - bandcamp - facebook - twitter