Sunday, December 6, 2015

Cofradia De Los Herederos Del Vino - S/T

Imagine planets orbiting their stars with galactic fingers moving them in elliptical paths. The sound created is like the drone of a hand moving around a wine glass. This combines with rumblings of noises from cosmic static. Both are being collected and fall into the empty crevasses, slowly filling this pool of sounds. Deep it is, calm then turbulent, heavy molecules lining up for your ears.

Cofradia De Los Herederos Del Vino sounds like folk music for the expansion of the universe. Natural connections from piano, percussion and drone. Collisions of sound, then separation into timeless untouched voids. The first half of the cassette balances the expansive space between galaxies, with recognizable sounds from our own planet. The middle track "Are You the Son of the House"constricts and becomes tightly wound. The sounds have reached their pinnacle, trapped in a smaller half as long time, fluctuating pace in some chaotic dance. These are the most recognizable sounds in accord to fears of an overpopulated world. Then moving away into the drifting departure or possible big crunch of the universe. "Under the Cloud of Forgetting Part I & II" brings twenty minutes of reflective time of how far we have listened. Similar to the start, slightly more intense at times, the noises of the cosmos shrink back to their origin.

Gabriella Cofradia, Miguel Cofradia and Tomas Cofradia have created inheritors of the wine (my English translation).  I imagine this family has astral connections and channeled these sounds into their like minded environment. Another absolutely cool feature of this piece is the attention to detail and individual art work for each of the seventy seven copies. The cassette is embossed with the same design on the one of a kind collage. All of these art pieces can be seen on the bandcamp page

Cofradia De Los Herederos Del Vino - bandcamp
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