Sunday, December 6, 2015

tall death - Star Songs

Absolutely refreshing to here music so intricately written and simply delivered. So many moments of small passages finding reverberation in your head. Catchy songs describing social destruction and revelations in a simultaneous manner. The first time i listened to tall death, i felt connected and wanted to be part of the "social experiment".

 Star Songs is nine tracks over twenty seven minutes of one side of a tape. Not sure how bad the winds are in Cincinnati or how small pieces of plant got stuck in the body of the tape, but i had to open it up and remove them. They got caught in the tape spool and caused some drag. I guess art and practicality are at war in Ohio. Once this was done, quickly returned to enjoying these well written tracks. Lincoln's combination of vocals and guitar fit extremely well together. Both seem effortless while delivering his stories and observations of life. If the lyrics were written out, i am sure there would be pages. This is a tape that gets better with every play. It takes this amount of time to understand how well conveyed this emotionally sincere composition of Star Songs is. At first it might seem a little strident because of the noteworthy cool raw quality. This melts away.

Lincoln is tall death and he made this tape especially for me. I found his cassette Star Songs on bandcamp and followed his instruction to email and request a tape. He graciously sent me a copy. I am not sure if he is still making these, but if you like it let him know. Maybe he will get his machines spinning again. Thanks Lincoln, this is very cool and Star Songs is quite good indeed.

tall death - bandcamp