Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Illusion of Safety - Surrender

With the world getting more and more crowded, the collective consciousness is hopefully increasing to a higher vibration. Music has a special ability to push this process faster down the path. This album titled Surrender by Illusion of Safety throws the listener around the sun in a gravitational slingshot. The frequencies are soaring and minds will be untethered from their snug mortal coils.

Dan Burke, the person responsible of Illusion of Safety has created a sonic world simultaneously living in many places. Surrender touches the ambient world of drone and peaks though with industrial constitution. This duality of drone and abiotic field noises provides the nourishment for a subdued organic harmony to flourish. As the composition moves through it's course, a sense settles in of how well everything is put together. Opposing genres, both almost lifeless in their own respects, creating a harmonic consciousness with limitless possibilities. Beats and samples grow then fade away to dusty porches with a single tattered wind chime clanging in the swirling atomic dust. Mutated insects swarm and devour the earth emitting noises like Viking hoards piercing the fog on to shore. Then into space and beyond, droning over time until future planets fall in the path. With the entire score on compact disc, the sound quality gives the complete album the sharpness it needs to vault your speakers into organic vestibules. Surrender drips with life, undiscovered and completely fresh.

This has been released on No Part Of It. A label that started off in a different direction than the dogma of our digital world demands. Now swinging around and making Illusion of Safety easier to hear and discover. Available on compact disc from the labels site or bandcamp page. Surrender definitely has talent behind it's making, maybe so much this could still be beyond it's time.

No Part Of It site - bandcamp
Illusion of Safety site