Hey Exit - Caudata

As the sounds unravel and spill out on the floor, Hey Exit is standing there with a grin. Connecting two exposed high current wires, the sparks created consume all listeners. The mind sizzles and the fuses blow. Then begins the period where everything is restored. An ambient haze envelopes the shorted out consciousness, and stabilization is slowly achieved. The entire process allows hearing to become more acute. Small, faint, and distant tones can be heard with a new clarity. Until the end when collected data begins to overload thoughts again.

Brendan Landis is the artist behind Hey Exit. This cassette titled Caudata is his thirty five minute foray into a fascinating world of radiant sounds over a droning canvass. To get there, Brendan does blow the gaskets off the engine with the second track titled "Irises", a six minute long plunge into red lining noises causing the listener to shed all introspection. Moving through the bulk of the composition, Caudata really is more of a drone creation touching on brief moments of cacophony. There is a raw sounding beauty to this listening experience. Maybe this is derived from traveling through "Irises", and knowing this could be looming beyond each turn in sound. The tones we here somehow reflect the chaos of the start, but for the meat of the Caudata, they are kept expertly and skillfully managed.

 This was released in February of 2016. Not sure how many, but they are available from the Hey Exit bandcamp page. When you get there, check out all the music. Brendan has many guises of sound, with Caudata only being one facet. There is also a newer cassette that just came out a few weeks ago.

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