Debutante - EP3

Throwing back music into a time where the parts and pieces are difficult to tell if they fit or not. Debutante is punk in that manner. Skirting the edge of familiar music and making us think of sound in a new perspective. Full of guitars, bass and drums that drive the sound in a raw and late night house party way. The vocals come in at an obscure angle and mangle tones with the heavy output of electric power.

Almost a half hour over five tracks, EP3 starts off as an assault then settles into the flow. A parabolic curve with only the right half showing. Somewhat dark in tone, not depressing, but more introspective. The vocals show signs of turmoil and sinuously work their way into your head. Debutante is sharing what makes like difficult and does this with unique style and passion.

This is out on Cruel Bones, a label from Zürich, Switzerland. Looks like in an edition of 15. You can pick this up from the label. Not sure if any distros carry Cruel Bones releases in the states.

Cruel Bones site - facebook - soundcloud
Debutante - bandcamp - facebook - twitter

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