Tuesday, July 5, 2016

dugout canoe - Over Unity

Particles of sound bombarding the atmosphere. The entire field of hearing fills and becomes obscured. The pace is just short of being fanatic, red-lining at sporadic intervals. Dugout canoe sustains this blanketing rhythm and covers listeners with fascinating forays into a kaleidoscope world of vintage electronica.

The tones of Over Unity are playful and bright. There are moments when the synthesizers might draw a breath in, but for the most part the entire cassette drives forward with no rest stops. The notes of dugout canoe are like infinite ripples on a hidden pond caused by a swarm of water striders, finding refuge from hungry fish below. The music plays like a soundtrack or echoing from some distant dimension, the call of the most implausible ice cream truck imaginable selling treats no earthly taste buds have yet to try. And it must be circling your block because the tape does not stop. Three tracks, well over fifty minutes, composed with keys of coherency throughout.

Jacob Isaacs is the musician floating above the synthesizers and sequencers for dugout canoe. Recorded over the turn of the most recent year and released in April. These cassettes are created with luminescence both in sound and in material form. In a run of ninety and are available from dugout canoe's bandcamp page. 

dugout canoe - bandcamp