Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Grapefruit - Knights Temple

Grapefruit finds home on MJ MJ Records with the release title Knights Temple, completing the third and last cassette in the 2016 Spring Series Bundle. Get this playing during your day and the world will haze over, obscuring the things you need to do with tranquilizing feelings of kicking back and going on a ride.

Big guitar played over funky bass, both speaking some bent string language in harmonic cadence. Knights Temple skirts the edge of dub and uses a gravitational sling, propelling these sounds into late nights filled with undiscovered possibilities. Keep moving when you listen to this, the propensity to sink your self into that comfy seat looms invitingly. Grapefruit has the ability to take care of you one way or another. Different from "Some New Age Bullshit" on the Field Hymns label and even farther off the course from "Twin Reflections" on Sloow Tapes, this MJ MJ Records release is thick and brings new dimensions in sound. I have been trying to put my finger on Knights Temple and had thought of Sun Araw mixed with Expo 70, but played with influences from the 1970's. Futile attempts from my brain using memories in a sound world with no fixed turning point. Charles Salas Humara (Grapefruit) has composed another high end journey for listeners to enjoy. Filled with a consciousness skilled in communicating experience and knowledge in sonic form.

Released in an edition of one hundred on MJ MJ Records. This is the last, arriving in June, for 2016 Spring Series Bundle. Completely different from it's batch mates, but cohesive in a way the label curators Andrew Todryk and Nico Stephou have envisioned. 

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