Friday, July 8, 2016

Wingéd Ma'at - The 42 Negative Confessions of Wingéd Ma'at

A wobbly dream came to me and it recurs in a continual loop. Have not been able to shake Wingéd Ma'at out of my head nor have wanted to. The 42 Negative Confessions of Wingéd Ma'at is beautiful from the outside to all the way in. Mysteriously connected to ancient civilizations with Egyptian hieroglyphs, pyramids, gateways and goddesses, The 42 Negative Confessions might be something we will never understand, but is a complete pleasure to listen to.

Well over a half hour of ethereal guitar and synthesizer cast down upon the droning world below. Both beautifully uplifting and broodily reflective, these musicians Ra and Thoth, have descended once again in our modern times to enlighten the few who seek knowledge from sound. This cassette reveals truth and harmony in sounds being able to linger above the chaotic abyss. There is special talent to hold this position, not sinking to become washed out whirling drone and not rising so high to be glorified new age relaxation backdrop. Here, The 42 Negative Confessions delivers fascination in the form of music. The incredible packaging only heightens the experience. These tracks will sooth your thoughts while keeping your senses keen and can maintain this ability through countless flips of the tape. Ma'at will weigh your heart at the end before you soul crosses into the Duat. Thankfully I have had the experience of listening to such exquisite music like Wingéd Ma'at has bestowed.

Bloxham Tapes is a new label out of London. The 42 Negative Confessions of Wingéd Ma'at is their first release. This tape was produced in a run of fifty. With so many cassette labels out there, the amount of small labels and their releases becomes obscuring. Move things aside and take a moment to check out Bloxham Tapes. They currently have two releases, the one described here and the second by Reet Maff'l, titled That'll Be. This one is equally as mysterious and cool as all. Both of Bloxham Tapes debuts are very well conceived and beautifully delivered. Check out the art of Luke Drozd to get an idea of some of the skills behind the label. 

Bloxham Tapes - bandcamp