Zwischenwelt - let's just walk on fields of flowers

When you need to reach the far reaches of your mind, there are tools to help with this en-devour. Let's just walk on fields of flowers by Zwischenwelt is a composition that has this ability. Two side long tracks that explore the raw and unfiltered world of slow currents flowing through heated circuits. An ambient ride allowing the mind to reach in and discover, then returning to tranquil perches over the vast expanses.

Zwischenwelt has almost an hour of music separated into two distinct tones. The first side "trapped in the belly of this horrible machine", sounds infinitely vast. The music reaches out and almost echoes in it's travels. This positions the listener holding close to the source, because the sonic vistas seem to drop away into unheard depths. The title track "let's just walk on fields of flowers", is more introspective. The tones are closer in the consciousness, perspectives are more well traveled and comfortable, allowing drift above. Both sides wrap into each other at times, creating a cohesiveness for the entire tape. In turn making this cassette something to listen to over and over.

This cassette is both beautiful in sound and in presentation. Twenty seven copies, all hand printed on heavy paper make this a pleasure to hold and feel. Cruel Bones the label from Zürich, Switzerland is excellent at finding talented musicians and producing their sounds in quality artful packaging. If you like drone music that perfectly balances on the razor edge of dark and light, Zwischenwelt is definitely worth taking a moment to check out.  

Cruel Bones site - facebook - soundcloud
Zwischenwelt - facebook - bandcamp

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