Wednesday, October 19, 2016

BBJr - Pareidolia

Carving up the parts and stacking them back together uniquely and distinctively. Bob Bucko Jr has crafted a droned out tirade of jazz and electric energy. Pounding at the windows but never breaking the glass. There is no room for more anything. The earbuds have a full BBJr smattering again and Pareidolia will keep them saturated for a long while.

For tracks make up this forty minute tape. The balance from front to back is perfect with each other. A sea of roaring waves lulling your consciousness while the extreme edges of the world crackle with sounds never imagined before. Bob Bucko Jr has a serious talent for playing and waiting for the echoes to fade away before his havoc on the guitar begins again. Like he is speaking some forgotten celestial language from prominent mountain tops.The sounds leave their gravitational constraints. The surface drones away until the skies snap again returning frequencies of fascination.

This Bob Bucko Jr release on Already Dead Tapes and Records came out in mid July and for those interested in picking up a copy, be quick. The are five of sixty left on the site. Release number 207 in a catalog already at 223.

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