Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Calato - Swong

Tumbling down the mountainside, electric guitar, drums and voice gain momentum and mass. Like an out of control snowball, crashing into trees and falling over cliffs. The sounds homogenize into a single cacophonous roar. This is Calato and Swong is their mind fracturing composition that leaves the earth barren after listening.

Swong runs fast with ten tracks making up this cd release. This is a ride through a saw mill, harvested trees being ripped apart and slammed into stack of lumber. There is a hinting resemblance to the Japanese band The Boredoms in the style Calato embarks. Raw sounds surfacing most sporadically. There are no resting points on Swong. Calato is a quartet of musicians Agustín Genoud with vocals, Javier Areal Vélez and Jorge Espinal on guitars and Pablo Verón on drums. Improvisational free jazz or noise freak out, this release shows there are no boundaries.

This is available from the label PSH Ediziones located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Another really good write up can be read at the All About Jazz site. This was written by Mark Corroto.

Calato site
PSH Ediziones - bandcamp