Quickly Sold Out

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fletcher Pratt - Dub Sessions, Volume 3

Fletcher Pratt meets the Whirling Electronic Vortex. Together for Dub Sessions Volume 3, the sounds produced channel the genius of timeless airwaves. A world of aged music collected in a single consciousness, manipulated and processed, then broadcast a new. From the jungle, across the desert and into space, tunes are slingshot through the gravitational pull of Fletcher's mind and back into the ears of earnest listeners. Dub sounds pushing new rhythms with a freshly beating heart.

Close to thirty minutes over seven tracks, Dub Sessions Volume 3 plays havoc with an ambient world of chilled out grooves and lumbering beats. These tunes chant the vibes of Jamaican electronic pioneers. Harking to my own listening experiences, moments of Dub Sessions V3 made me think of Mikey Dread, African Head Charge and Space Weather Radio. The entire composition is an army procession marching through the night with each foot soldier wielding a burning torch. Watching the light and hearing the sound move to the cadence of General Fletch. It takes understanding of music to move in a new direction without alienating where it came from. This tape rides on precipice taking the wisdom for new methods of music and embedding the compelling cosmos of dub.

Out on one of the coolest labels out there, Crash Symbols from West Virginia. They have been releasing a wide range of sounds since 2011. Amazingly almost every release is sold out. Dub Sessions Volume 3 was released in an edition of one hundred. There are three left from the labels bandcamp page. This will be gone very soon, so do not procrastinate. If you want to dive in deeper, check out Fletcher Pratt's label Midori Records.

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