Jejuno – Jejuno

Bombarding the Earth in an alien invasion, Jejuno provides a complete other worldly experience. The sounds change through this forty minute transcription, conveying the process of what we have always feared. From space travel, to atmospheric penetration, and the slow march across terrestrial landing points, Jejuno is descriptive with their sinuous sound.

This cassette is two side long tracks rooted in an apocalyptic industrial drone seizure. Listening through the entire tape does remind me of aspects of planetary war with use of weaponry we have yet to witness. This easily could be the soundtrack and effects for "War of the Worlds". There is an unsettling quality to Jejuno. The sounds are amazingly well crafted and the complete listen is unprecedented in sonic mutations, but not at all for the faint of heart. With the black and gold artwork, this cassette represents itself as an ancient mystery or an article from the future cast back in time. Definitely sounds to lure you away from the reality we know.

Jejuno is out on the Urubu Tapes label from Lisbon, Portugal. Released in May of this year in an edition of one hundred. Jejuno does have a facebook page and it looks like there are many live shows in the area. This would be incredibly cool to see live! You can get this from Urubu's bandcamp page or at A Giant Fern with copies for sale there.

Urubu Tapes site - bandcamp - facebook