Sunday, November 6, 2016

Love Letter - It Brought Us Something We Had to Know & Gentle Memories

Here are two releases from Love Letter on Rok Lok Records. The earliest is It Brought Us Something We Had to Know. This was followed up shortly after in the same year with Gentle Memories. Love Letter has a unique style of ambient washed out drone. A huge wall of textured sounds with rippling feedback. So high, it is difficult to hear anything beyond. The wall somehow is comforting in the aspect it secures the listener rather than keeps them out.

It Brought Us Something We Had to Know is four tracks divided over two sides. "Rising Into the Treetops", the first track is a mass of sound that gives way to more gentle melodies on the second track "Ursa Minor". Here, the guitar guides the listener through the immense field of electronic weeds. The first track on the second side "Heaven Falling (Ashes Rising)", seems to combine facets of both the first two tracks. Flickering guitar melodies that become clear in an unstable fire of sound. "Joe Pipkin All Tucked In His Bed", is the last track and is all together different. More like a Bongwater song with a very young Ann Magnuson at the helm.

Gentle Memories is the second release by Love Letter on Rok Lok Records. Two side long tracks that together, approach forty minutes length. The entire cassette is very similar to  It Brought Us Something We Had to Know. The biggest difference is this composition seems like it has been cooked a little longer. As there is a more raw tone with the first tape, Gentle Memories has had more to stew. The sounds are just a tad more gentle and this becomes even more apparent on the second side, titled "Fragments".

With both tapes being released only months apart, there is an feeling that seems to glue these two releases together. Both on Rok Lok Records, in editions of fifty, and available from the labels bandcamp page. There is also a Love Letter Bundle, that includes both tapes and a more recent ten inch lathe in a super limited run. 

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