Monday, November 7, 2016

PRESENT / Wire Werewolves

An evening of live music. Mutated macabre sounds, maybe jazz but really a swirling punk attack, crushing any listeners.  Two bands, PRESENT and Wire Werewolves, each taking one side of the cassette. Both on the caustic edge of composition, and in live form, raw, uncaring, sustained explosiveness. Slowly shattering the crowd, and now on tape, ready to move outward.

This split cassette is long, close to an hour of music divided between the two bands. There is a similar tone the runs through either side. The biggest difference is the angle of planetary attack. PRESENT sits in the seventies no wave cockpit with a picture of James Chance on the instruments. The third track "Critical Dreaming", adds weight to this time period, sounding like the negative of James Bond theme song. These songs are long, never resting until the last track. "prepared tape passage". The set takes an experimental turn and returns to space.

The Wire Werewolves side is formed around guitar intensity with tons of feedback. Add a smashing percussive assault to this turning beam of sound, looking for any potential escapees. Wire Werewolves plays with speed, damaging conscious thoughts, and wrecking present space. Song titles like "Sever the Drowned" and "Her Weeping Echoes", are good indicators of the nature of their sound.

This cassette was released by Mike Meanstreetz a member of the five piece band PRESENT. Not sure if this is a label, but more of a self releasing project by Mike for his circle of musicians. Available from the Mike Meanstreetz bandcamp page. In an edition of one hundred and stitched cassette sleeves.

Mike Meanstreetz site - bandcamp - facebook