Thursday, December 22, 2016

Fetishes - Onryō

This is amazing synchronicity. I was listening to a radio show called Ground Zero last night and the topic was thousands of people hearing mysterious sounds in Spokane Valley on December 14th.
Here is the link if you are interested. Today i started listening to Onryō by Fetishes and was dazed at the similarity of this music to the sounds heard by Spokane Valley residence. Now Fetishes only delves in this moment, but it is there. This cassette titled Onryō is more of a droning industrial barrage, complete with timeless worshipers chanting for their enraged metal gods to descend to the planets surface. And they do.

Onryō are angered or vengeful ghosts in Japan, or at least that is the Japanese word for them. I am sure these rage filled spirits are every where, but Fetishes keeps the Eastern aspect to the sound with both cover art and vocals in the recording. What an astounding composition in regards to maintaining the violent perception. This tape is all together scary, as if Fetishes has some method to channel sounds from the spirit world and record them for those with enough constitution to listen. There are four twenty minute tracks, each opening the portal with an ambient interest. Listen to far and you are pulled in to the mayhem of a realm you will want to escape from. Incredibly all of these recordings are done live by a mysterious Mr. Q. There is not much information on this release, making the world of it's origins a shadowy and obscure venue. Onryō is a tape for noise lovers and those interested in paranormal investigation. Use extreme caution on listening to this, remember the 1998 movie Ringu?
Hopefully listening to Onryō will not produce the same effects.

Eighty minute long cassettes released in an edition of one hundred on Already Dead Tapes and Records. They are available now if you want to rid yourself of all Christmas spirit.

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