Friday, December 23, 2016

Matt "MV" Valentine & Sun Hoods

Crash Symbols has an inherent wisdom to combine these two artist on one split release. The sounds on both sides seem to have tentacles that run through the plastic housing of the cassette. Matt Valentine and Sun Hoods are really different, but for this instance there is a special connection. The artists complement each other making this tape incredibly good.

What stood out the most is the depth and skill of construction of sounds for both Matt and Sun Hoods. The first side shows "MV" destroying the sonic landscape with an arching electric barrage. A ballad without words performed for over twenty minutes. Impressive as if Matt were actually playing to fend off the reaper. Like Charlie Daniels battle with the devil, only this fight goes fifteen rounds. The second track crosses time and brings it back with a mutated blues sound. The first reference i connected was Mississippi John Hurt. After looking at the title of the track, this was confirmed as Louis Collins is a Mississippi John Hurt song from 1928. The synchronicity is, i just listened to a Mississippi John Hurt record this week. Matt's blues homage morphs into angled guitar crossing space like the Silver Surfer with headphones on.

The Sun Hoods side ratchets down a burns like the cooking fire in a Mongolian yurt. This is where life finds both nourishment, companionship and pleasure. Four meditative tracks for your thoughts to harmonize with. An Indian raga, or clandestine folk tunes from the somewhere in time, then you get to Sedna. A departure into a sticky dub world with the future ghost of Augustus Pablo is already there. The melodica sounds like it is about to fade away as the sky drips with placid sounds from an amplified atmosphere. Sun Hoods stand out for me. Their side provides tranquility to the "MV" flip. Unique and exceptional, this tape can keeping reversing in the deck and maintain high interest for time to come.

Crash Symbols released this in late September in an edition of one hundred. Down to three on their bandcamp page.  If you live on the UK side of the Atlantic, A Giant Fern has eight copies for sale on their bandcamp page. Doubledotdash!? has copies of the first Sun Hoods release on their bandcamp page if you are interested. I looked and already had this in my wish list.

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