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Saturday, December 24, 2016

YlangYlang - Life Without Structure

When you leave the physical world and are waiting in the relocation lounge for your astral directions, Life Without Structure will be seeping into your awareness. The pleasantries of pop music without all the barbed hooks causing mental anguish while listening. YlangYlang lifts the ladle out of the composition cauldron, ears sniffing the brew, adding a pinch of just enough of what is needed. These sounds are good, especially the unraveling of beats into a drone world and finding them again to complete the circle.

Life Without Structure is a half an hour of sparse beats and a soft voice speaking to your consciousness. Catherine Debard balances all components of her sound with delicacy and talent. Listening in amazement, then all to quickly the cassette ends. The tape plays like an inverted bell curve with the start just a little higher than the finish. Upbeat sounds sinking into the ambient goo then climbing out just enough to be able to hear how far down you traveled. In the middle, the track titled Lavender Wow is an alluring drone piece and although different from Uncertain Landscapes and How Thin is the Skin of the Soul, is not dark or foreboding. The first track of side B, The Way Shadows Play, makes the ascent towards the finish. This is the longest piece on the cassette and in my thoughts the most beautiful. An evolving from the heavy molecular medium to flight and planetary departure. A graceful and just off kilter enough genre bending vestige you will wish would keep playing longer.

Life Without Structure was released on Crash Symbols at the end of October. There are some copies left at the Crash Symbols bandcamp page, but these are getting low. YlangYlang has composed something very personal and is very much a pleasure to tune in.

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