ichtyor tides - antapices qadrant

With a over half dozen releases over the last five years, ichtyor tides has landed this new cassette effort on the German label Cosmic Winnetou. Industrial drone tempered with natural field recordings, this composition harbors sounds of future mankind with the sparse remains of the natural world. Avian life giving way to mighty vessels built with ambient tones of apocalyptic survival. Dark in texture, the planet spins on in constant threat of eventual collapse.

Fifty minutes crossing oceans we are yet to know. The mind slightly shudders as these foreboding tracks anchor in your consciousness. Vibrations similar to fingers running circles on fine pieces of glass, only magnified on a grandiose scale. Oscillations from the slow hum of steel or some yet discovered material to the higher pitches of compressed sonic waves. At times the entire environment is bombarded with solar debris as the world seems to waver in both beauty and destruction. Majestically antapices qadrant lifts above the atmosphere and recharges from stars energy as the world below is secluded from light. There are six tracks on this tape, but the entire listen plays more akin to one long sonic scene. As the tape flips from side to side, there is no beginning or end, only the space between where ichtyor tides exposes.

Seventy copies all hand numbered on the Cosmic Winnetou label. This is release number thirty seven for the label and was delivered in December of 2016. Copies are currently available from the Cosmic Winnetou site. Appropriate tones for the cold winter and sunless skies.

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