TIME - S​/​T

Sounds from TIME coerce your thoughts across the decades and through many genres. Michael & Madhava Collins have rooted their music in the ritualistic sound pixelization of spirituality. Heavy tones and introspective lyrics create a world of hazy pathways illuminated by aura of the deities. Time is an emotional connection to civilizations past and future, a journey for some to understand and for others to never get.

Five tracks spanning just under a half hour. Sanskrit lyrics for three tracks and thoughtful inspiring English language lyrics for the other two. The best positioning for description would be to use the genre synthpop. Although this is really only the framework. With foundations in Krishna consciousness, TIME has weight and meaning beyond the late night club or discotheque. Michael & Madhava share vocals throughout the composition, delivering a tandem energy equivalent to a highly choreographed Mumbai cinema production. This orchestration combined with origins in beliefs dating back thousands of years make TIME completely unique.

Michael & Madhava Collins are from Gainesville, Florida. Their cassette was released last year on the prolific Illuminated Paths label from the space coast of Florida. Lost in a Sea of Sound is also based out of Florida. Yeah sunshine, humidity and lightning! These cassettes are available for purchase from the label's bandcamp page or TIME's bandcamp page.

Illuminated Paths - bandcamp - facebook - twitter
TIME - bandcamp - facebook

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